Kenyan Blogger Posts Hate-Filled, Xenophobic Vitriol On Nigerian Men

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A Kenyan political commentator and blogger called Cyprian Nyakundi has viciously attacked Nigerian men accusing them of conning Kenyan women to fall in love with them.

He went off by posting a video on YouTube showing a buxom bottomless lady dancing to Wizkid’s Jeje while a man behind the camera with an Igbo accent instructs her to continue dancing.

His nonsensical, bigoted rant started thus;

“Further to our exposè recently where we revealed how Nigerian men trick naive, stupid Kenyan women and rope them into their zone by lacing condoms with narcotics, a video has emerged of a Kenyan girl embarrassing herself so as to please a Nigerian conman in Nairobi.

How he automatically knew the man was a conman is beyond understanding. He went on,

“Please note that other than those who work in corporates, many Nigerians in the country are conmen, involved in the business of drugs, fake currency and fraud. They work with a network of senior police officers and Government officials.

We post this video not to embarrass the young naive stupid Kenyan girl selling her soul to the devil, but as a deterrent measure for other girls liaising with Nigerians for short-term thrills. No Kenyan man wants to marry or be associated with a woman who has been with a Nigerian.

Many Kenyan women who are sexually-deprived and morally-bankrupt have departed from our cultural norms to seek love, attention and validation from third-rate Nigerians, using the notion of berating Kenyan men as being incomparable. Such women are outcasts and should not be integrated with the rest of us. Beginning with Vera Sidika & Huddah Monroe, let these women immigrate to Nigeria, where they belong.”

Like his inferiority complex was not obvious enough, he then went ahead to state that Nigerian movies should not be played on Kenyan TVs anymore as Kenyan movies do not get played in Nigeria. Does that also extend to all the other countries in the world who do not play Kenyan movies in their country as well?

“We also serve notice to leading media house executives. Wachira Waruru and Linus Kaikai are perhaps the Number 1 scum of corporate Nairobi. We don’t want to see Nigerian movies on our big screens again. You will need to travel to Nigeria and tell us how many Riverwood movies show on Nigerian TV”

Below is the video that brought out the bigot in our Kenyan friend here.



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