Katt Williams Beatdown Continues As The Star Is Arrested At Home

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Katt Williams Arrested In Los Angeles

Katt Williams beatdown continues as the comedian is arrested at home and held without bond

Katt Williams, 44, and seventh grader, Luke Wash, 17 have been charged with unruly behavior after Katt Williams received a beat-down from the bulky 17 year-old, last week.

The entertainer who is reportedly a bully met his match when he bitch-slapped the burly 17 year-old at an apartment complex.

This led to a toss, then tumble and finally the immobility of the old star.

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On Monday, Atlanta Metro police said the duo were both charged in connection with the fight last week.

Spokesman, Gainesville Police Sgt. Kevin Holbrook added that Wash is also charged as an adult in the case.

Holbrook also said no police report was filed, but their was more than enough evidence to press charges with as the video went viral.

Armed with the video footage and witness statements authorities marched to press charges.

Holbrook said: “It’s my understanding that Wash is in custody at the jail and we have made contact with Williams’ attorney and it is our hopes and our understanding that he will be turning himself in”. 

The 44-year-old comic was arrested at his Gainesville home, Wednesday, and was charged with disorderly conduct for fighting Luke Wash.

Katt had just gotten out on a $60,000 bond following a March 9 arrest where he threatened to murder his bodyguard.

This is his fourth arrest in less than a month.

Katt williams Beatdown

The police sergeant added : “At the time of these new charges he was actually out on a conditional bond and subsequently he has an arrest order from superior court revoking his bond”.

Defending Katt Williams beatdown, his attorney, Drew Findling said:“Williams had been doing community service and playing soccer with children at a subsidized housing complex in Gainesville, northeast of Atlanta, when the fight happened.

 It’s a shame because from all accounts from the people we interviewed, his behavior was exemplary the whole day”.

katt williams beatdown

Various versions of the video popped up online as soon as the fight went viral; it’s still unclear what they were arguing of fighting about.

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