Inmate Sexually Assaults Nine-Year-Old Daughter During Supervised Visits

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A 45-year-old inmate who was allowed by prison authorities to entertain visits from family members sexually molested his daughter who had come to visit him.

The prisoner who is being held at the Barlinnie prison in Glasgow is believed to have carried out the act over a two-month period whenever his daughter visited.


The inmate who is a computer expert lived in the west of Scotland and was jailed for 16 months last April although the nature of those offences cannot be reported for legal reasons. The offences took place between 2006 and 2008, according to The Mirror.

The accused – whose name is withheld for legal reasons – was caught during a CCTV review, groping and touching the little girl during her supervised visits in the family room.

A source said the family room where the attacks occurred was supervised by prison wardens. He said: “While in Barlinnie, he was allowed to have frequent visits by his family, including his own daughter who is aged about 10-ish and is in primary school. During the visits, he had access to his daughter and is accused of sexual contact with her. The prison service, who are s **** ing themselves in case this gets reported, reported this to the police who investigated it. They charged him back in December 2015 – just before he was due to be released on parole.”


His dastard act was revealed when “a prison staff suspected inappropriate behavior and reviewed CCTV footage, before informing police”, Scottish news, Record reports.

Scottish Prison Service spokesman said: “It would be inappropriate to comment on an ongoing case”, when he was contacted for comments.

Some views regarding the case include:

David Kingsman: He should be hung. Whats the point in keeping animals like this alive? Kinder for us. Kinder for them. Maybe they will come back as normal next life.

Shirley Quinn: What about the person who took the child to the visits, did they know what was going on? Did they sit back and allow it to happen? If so, they should be charged to.

Laura PiuyoKids shouldn’t be allowed inside prisons

Wendy Flynn I bet there was a court order for him to see his children. Dreadful. Clearly prison is no deterrent and not tough enough! How about blaming perpetrator rather than everyone else. Wicked

Jennifer Anderson This is disastrous! How was this done in what is supposed to be a supervised visit!
That child was put in to a dangerous position by those who were supposed to protect her heads should roll for this !
Her father should be kept locked up for life!!!!

Sam Green lets hang the scum … don’t worry the prison will treat him good, feed him and even let him out to do it again ..

Paula J Natt Where the hell was the parent / guardian who took her to the visit ? Surly to god he / she should take some of the responsibility

Deirdre Clarke I can never understand why people bring there children to a prison in the first place. As for him groping his child i wont comment

Tony Douley Jennifer Anderson : ”This is disastrous! How was this done in what is supposed to be a supervised visit” I have supervised these types of visits in my time.

Stewart Nisbet Can’t be named for legal reasons. Protect the nonces. Scum

Diana PeacockSick vile and castration as punishment, so does this mean a prison warden encouraged the act. Aiding and betting a prisoner spring to mind, prisonable offence.
Please share your thoughts in the comment section. If you were the mother ie his wife and you found out your husband (your child’s father) was molesting his little girl. What would you do? 
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