Hot Felon: Jeremy Meeks is OUT & Ready To WALK The Runway with a New Career As A Model

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Hot Felon as he is popularly referred to, Jeremy Meeks was famous for his good looks after his mug shot went viral. Popular for his sea-blue eyes and well-structured face, Meek rose to fame on the shoulder of  Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page in 2014 after one of its officials posted Meek’s mugshot.

He was arrested on felony weapon charges on June 18 as part of a Stockton police gang sweep.

Though he was behind bars, the criminally good looking man was scouted and signed by White Cross Management in 2015.

He was released this past week and had so much gratitude to Jim Jordan of Whitecross who is his manager.

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Hot felon signed with the talent agency in 2015.

He has been given a chance, though the verdict is out on just how long he’ll go until he goes back to crime (hopefully not).

Jordan said Buzzfeed: ‘We’re putting everything in place. We’re in talks with a lot of different agencies. There’s movies on the table. We have a lot of different things happening’.

Meeks told ABC News from a Nevada prison, February: ‘I’m in a place where I will be able to provide for my family and really change my life. I never thought that everyone in the world would recognize me for my looks, so I feel extremely blessed and very thankful’.

And the love and doubt came in stream:

  • laur.sta.gram – Hot felon has a modeling contract ?? started from the bottom.
  • cait1016 – That’s crazy he got famous over a mugshot that’s hella cool though hopefully he can turn his life around now that he’s given a good opportunity.
  • mrschickrw – What big things? How does prison pics and mugshots make you famous? People are so simple minded.
  • respectmy_prettyyy – Don’t listen to these women, talking about “Sweet family” this & that, because they were the main ones looking u up because of your appearance, which basically made trending, when this first caught wind in the media. So they’re really pretending to like that you have a family. Especially since the media didn’t mention this when your story broke. Chile please. ??
  • soumabal – YAAAASSS SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUU. I love you guys so much jeremy deserves the best not because of his looks, well of course he’s great looking and you’re one envied lucky woman to be his wife ?, but I really think he deserves the best just by the way he acts I think he’s a nice person I don’t care if he went to jail or stole something I’ll be always a fan of him. PEACE & LOVE from a muslim fan.
Hot Felon
Hot Felon in 2014
 Lisa L Lazz – Good for him. Second chances are always precious and a rare gift. Hopefully he takes it and turn his life around.
DaveResnam – I can’t give the murderer who killed my Dad a second chance. He was executed thank God.
Travelling – Yes he is very handsome, a real adonis but his cold eyes frighten me. I hope he takes this chance and stays on the good path.
 bunnytooth – Not every one gets a great shot at turning their life around. He is gorgeous and I hope he does well.
riz_world – You better write CNN a thank you note for the free publicity.. Your about to blow up bruh!! Hope your people the real thing! You got potential now you just need money behind you.
jsf813 – This really proves how retarded the majority of women are. ?? But shout out to this dude, and I wish the best for him and his family I suppose.
finishlinefitness3 – Go get it Jeremy! And don’t let ANYONE guilt trip you about getting a second chance. Remember Mark Wahlberg assaulted numerous people and got 2nd, and 3rd chances, and went on to make music, and later movies. Go get it man.
Hot Felon
There’s two?! Hot Felon with his brother


360nobs - Hot Felon 3
Hot Felon and Wife


360nobs - Hot Felon 4
Hot Felon and his son
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