Horrible! Seven Year Old-Girl Gang-Raped By Five Arab Men In German Asylum

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Seven Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped In An Asylum By Five Arab Men

The seven year-old girl gang-raped in an asylum in Hamburg, Germany; was sexually-abused in the shelter where she lived.

Five Arab men are presently being investigated by German authorities after a report was made.

German Police was notified by the asylum where the refugee-girl whose identity is protected had been accepted as a first registration home in the city’s quarter of Bahrenfeld.

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They were called to a report on the shocking gang-rape which happened to the child at the centre on the Albert-Einstein-Ring road.

According to German media the suspected attackers are five Arabs. It’s inconclusive at the moment if they were also registered residents in the asylum too.

Speaking on the case, Prosecutor Nana Frombach said: ‘We have opened an investigation against five people. The circumstances or what happened are still unclear. The investigation is continuing.’

The incident which occurred in a former office building is home to over five-hundred-and-fifty refugees. It’s also undergoing a make-over.

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