Heart Of Gold: Adele Makes Critically-Ill Girl’s Dream Come True

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Adele has made a really sick girl’s wish come true. The child who is from Belfast was surprised by the ‘Hello’ hitmaker when she popped in to see her.

Rebecca Gibney and her mum, Tracy began a relentless campaign in 2015 to help the ill 12-year-old meet her idol, Adele. They had tried for several months and wasn’t fruitful so they gave up. But Adele was watching from the sidelines.

The superstar was playing a gig in Belfast, Tuesday, when she tracked the Gibneys down.


Speaking to Belfast Live, an over the moon Tracy, said: “I am in shock, I got my baby’s dream to come true. She was so nice, she could not have been nicer. Adele was sat beside her and she was talking to me and my other kid, she was so nice for wee Rebecca. I can not put it into words what it means. Adele was in my house, sitting on my hospital bed, Adele was in the Short Strand. It all started months and months ago I set up the page for Rebecca to meet Adele. I got the manager’s email and I emailed her four months ago and she said to leave it with her. I did not hear anything back and last night I sent another email. I was sitting in the hairdresser today and the manager called and said Tracy it’s Adele’s manager I am getting back to you because Adele has seen your Rebecca’s pictures and she was very emotional and she wants to come and meet your daughter. I shouted at the hairdresser, ‘Get this off my head I need to go’, I wanted to keep it private. It is unbelievable her dream has come true. Adele was just so nice.”  

Rebecca is too ill to go to the concert but Adele offered Tracy and the rest of the family tickets for the gig at the SSE Arena.

In another detail, ‘The Voice Of Ireland 2015’ winner, Patrick James, 27 tweeted: “I’ve followed @Adele since MySpace & have seen her live every time she’s played Dublin, but don’t have a ticket for this weekend! ? #GUTTED”. 

Adele replied that she would sort him out so he doesn’t have to miss her performance. And he was, SHOCKED, ELATED, and FLABBERGASTED. All in one.

Adele sure has a heart of gold.

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