A Penile Enlargement That Works Is Here At Last

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Dear man, have you ever felt insecure about your penis? Or, wondered about how to increase its size, even by an inch? There’s good news for you. Here at last, a procedure to give men the length they desire.

Dr. James Elist, California-based urologist promoted an almost impossible dream, until he created a new implant to enhance manhood by up to 2 inches, and it could be available in New York City within a year.

A penis enlargement that really works.

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A real-life experience by Jason, 35, stated his penis size as the cause of the end-of his relationship six years ago — his girlfriend made it clear the reason for her bailing was that his manhood was short.

Jason who resides in Manhattan said: “It caused me to question my sexuality. I just figured that these were the cards I had been dealt and nothing could be done”.

One year after his breakup, the heartbroken lover began googling ‘penile enhancement’ till he stumbled on Dr James Elist. The doctor’s site promoted Jason’s impossible dreams and he believed he could substantially increase Jason’s 3-inch member.

Jason recalls asking ‘I had a single question. When do I start?’.

The procedure which is a life-changing one used silicone which is popularly found in breast implants – although it is firmer. Currently exclusive to Elist’s Beverly Hills office, the doctors in NYC are hoping test-runs will be successful to enable other practitioners get their own methods.

The patented implant began in 2014 and Jason was one of seven New Yorkers who flew to Los Angeles to receive the treatment.

Elist said: “I created the device — which is custom trimmed to the size of each patient’s member — after consoling patients who could get erections but still failed to keep their wives and girlfriends happy. It is a 270-degree tube made of very soft silicone, shaped like your penis from the base to the head”.

360nobs - A Penis Enlargement - Dr James Elist

The doctor further explained how the process works: “It gets inserted into the member via a small incision in the groin and the girth immediately increases by about 2 inches. Same with the length. If you were 3 inches flaccid and 5 inches erect, 3 goes to 5 and 5 goes to 6 on average. After two or three years, weight from the implant will stretch the penis by an additional half-inch or so”.

The original price at first was eleven-thousand dollars ($11,000) an equivalent of two-million-one-hundred-and-eighty-eighty-thousand naira (N2,188,010.00). Presently, the procedure costs thirteen-thousand dollars ($13,000) an equivalent of (N2,585,830.00).

Jason who is a car-sales man described his penis enlargement experience: “There was a little bit of swelling, but a day after the one-hour procedure, when they removed the bandages, I looked down and had an out-of-body experience. I was speechless. It was as large soft as it had previously been hard. It just hung down. All I could think about was what my ex would have said. They told me to wait four weeks before having sexual activity, and I waited two months. All I thought about, from when the bandages first came off, was witnessing the expression on a woman’s face when she sees [it].”

360nobs - Penis Enlargement

Complications so far have been minimal as only three-percent of Elist’s patients have reported issues from the procedure. Those who do have issues tend to be men who jump the gun on test-driving their bulked-up appendage.

Jason took no chances though as he waited for the perfect opportunity to try out his new ‘thing’.

When the opportunity finally came for Jason and his new fling to try out the after-effect of his penis enlargement , the bedroom was completely dark. “She didn’t get to see it that night, but she definitely felt it. In fact, last month, three months after meeting, we got engaged to be married — and she has no complaints at all.”, Jason recounts proudly.

She might dump you for having a small penis but you’ll find another who will make the penis enlargement worth it.

If this procedure can provide men with the penis size they want, hopefully women too can get the vagina size they also want. Soon.

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