Hair Beauty Tip: Laying Your Edges

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Because we have different hair types, not everyone has the same results with edge control. To get desired results you might have to do a little extra. Here are some tips to laying your edges whether natural or relaxed.



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Now, people use edge control alone and while this is quite good all by itself, it doesn’t apply to every hair type. Hence for various hair types you need these essentials things to lay your edges.

1. Edge Control / gel
2. Soft Bristle Brush
3. Silk/Satin Scarf
4. Moisturizer of choice


Steps to Follow:

You start by moisturizing your hair, paying particular attention to your edges in order to minimize any incidence of manipulation breakage. The more moisturized your hair is, the more elasticized the strands are, eliminating breakage that comes from styling manipulation and the better your styles will turn out.

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After moisturising, apply edge control to your edges (front and back) and then with your bristle brush, brush in an upward motion several times, smoothing the hair down as you do so. You can also use your brush to apply the edge control if you don’t want to get it on your hands.


Put the hair up in a ponytail, or whichever style is convenient for your current hairstyle and then tie your silk/satin scarf TIGHT around your head.


Leave the scarf on for at least 20 minutes, so it is important to lay edges before other things when getting ready. And once you loosen the scarf, your edges will be Slayed.


If this trick doesn’t work and your edges don’t get laid well or don’t stay that way for long, try a new brand of edge control. They make some for really stubborn edges.

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