Grandmother Misses Shooting Her Son-In-Law, Promises To Try Again

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Grandmother Misses Shooting Her Son-In-Law After Allegations Of Abuse

A grandmother, 51, living in Queensland Gold Coast, Australia, tried to kill her daughter and son-in-law, 37, after firing five shots at them on Tuesday at 11:15 AM. 

It’s claimed allegations of abuse were behind the domestic disturbance, though it is still unknown who was being abused.

She said ‘I can’t believe I missed’ and ‘I need to get my eyes fixed’ so she could finish the job.

The elderly woman was granted bail in Southport Magistrates Court on Wednesday as no one was injured in the incident.


The shooting which occurred at a Nerang home saw the woman arrested on charges including ‘three acts intending to cause grievous bodily harm and discharge of a weapon in a public place’.

During her hearing, arresting officer Senior Constable Donna Minns narrated how grandma had requested for a visit with an optometrist.

Granms intends to fix her eyesight, find the gun and then return home to get the job done properly.

She also said she wasn’t pleased at missing the shots the first time.

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The Nerang home where the shooting occurred

The court also heard that the son-in-law had ‘escaped by an inch’ two shots of bullets.

She left the Riverview Road home by car after the incident, police allege, before she was detained a short time later in Mudgeeraba.

Constable Minns, during opposing bail informed the court grandma had given a vague description of where she had trashed the weapon.

Authorities were also worried she would retrieve it after she had been released.

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The bridge where grandma’s firearm was recovered

Later during one of their investigative rounds, Police were able to recover the firearm which grandma had used for the shooting.

Grandma’s weapon of choice was found under a bridge over the Nerang river, Today.

Granms had earlier refused to reveal to the police where she had discarded her firearm.

Regardless utmost fear over the likelihood of a second attempt at ‘getting the job done’ Magistrate Joan White granted the grandmother bail.

Proceeding her bail, grandma is expected to live with her daughter at her home in Alexandra Hills in Brisbane under her conditions of bail. She can only travel to the Gold Coast for court matters with her daughter or partner.

She is also required to undergo a mental health assessment.

Her case was adjourned for April 19.

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