Gojko’s Memoirs: Simple Tips For Looking Irresistible

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Gojko’s Memoirs: Simple Tips For Looking Irresistible

Hello folks, you already know me. Gojko Lojpur, the model from Los Angeles who likes to cook  sarma and wear wool socks.

First, I must thank you all for supporting my work. Although I don’t get to answer on the mails, you should know that I read them all. I am glad that you like my photos. You all know that I had a hard life; comments that you are writing to me are the sign that I am on the right path.

If you are wondering what is the secret of my irresistible good look I will tell you.
People’s eyes will gloss over when you show them that you care. Be curious about others, be kind, be self-confident,  help others. Ask questions and learn constantly. The irresistible person doesn’t have the need to make others “wrong”.
You need to know exactly where you are in life and where you are going and consider the steps you are going to take to get there. I am used to saying: “I have no wishes, only plans”. Keep the balance in your life. If you must work hard, find the time to rest. Divert focus from all that you do not have on what you have.
If you take a selfie keep in mind what are your benefits. While you are dressing, think about what is best for your body and make sure that you highlight it. For example, if you have a narrow waist choose clothes that will emphasize it. While I am on photo shooting I always visualize something that makes me happy and that is reflecting on the photo.
Just be positive and seek for benefits, not the flaws. Also, I want you to remember: Smile as often as you can. A Smile is the best clothes you can wear
Many thanks
Gojko Lojpur
instagram : @gojko.lojpur.
Gojko Lojpur

Gojko Lojpur

Multi-talented male model, actor and singer.

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