Gidi Reality : Spotlighting The Decadent State Of ‘Real’ Lagos

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Gidi Reality – This is a photo-series about the decadent state of an economy that recovers over a hundred-billion naira in loot every year.

Gidi Reality – And that’s just for loot. Let’s not add taxes, fines and other sources of revenue.

Recently the Nigerian government decided to start taxing artisans and house-servants. Like these poor people’s problems weren”t enough.

One good question to ponder on is, if they earn so much in salaries and benefits, what happens to the loot they recover every year?

Gidi Reality046-360nobs
Gidi Reality : One of the street meals Lagosians survive on.

We read how this sum and that sum was recovered yet we never see manifestations in the economy. Same story, everyday.

Nigeria is poor amidst riches and it’s a painful feeling knowing there’s nothing you can do about it because the same people at the top will never leave as they benefit the most from the degeneration of the economy.

No food, no water, no light but people give birth like chickens. These days, children are suddenly trophies. Children that will go hungry every night until they are old enough to fend for themselves while those that can afford it never get to this side of ‘Real’ Lagos.

This is Lagos. This is that part where you visit and wonder how heartless can an economy’s leaders can be as to deny their people the same basic infrastructures and way of life they enjoy.

And they only enjoy these benefits because the hungry, poor, lonely, and distressed came out in numbers to vote them on election days.

These people deserve better than what their leaders are offering them.

Gidi Reality083-360nobsGidi Reality085-360nobs

Each of the 109 senators earns a bit higher, pocketing N19.66 million each a year, PREMIUM TIMES analyses have shown.

Additionally, each senator collects N1.01 million a year for his or her domestic staff, while each member of the House of Representatives collects N1million for the same purpose.

Each lawmaker gets N202, 640 as Newspapers/Periodicals allowance per annum.

Based on the approved pay schedule, N1.4billion is spent on the 469 lawmakers as furniture allowance annually, while their car loan stands at N2.34billion per annum.

These figures taken together, the 360 members of the House of Representatives gulp N6.58 billion from the nation’s treasury in annual salaries and allowances, while the 109 Senators cost the nation N2.14 billion in similar emoluments.

Cumulatively, the country shells out a hefty N8.72 billion every year in salaries and allowances to lawmakers in the two chambers of the National Assembly. – Premium Times NG, 2015.

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Many people opine Nigeria is a lawless country where ‘anything goes’. The term O.Y.O (on your own) is synonymous to every Nigerian you meet.

Nigerians aren’t bad people unlike the stereotype the world thinks they are. Actually, they have a really good heart which makes it easy to manipulate them.

Those who can’t take the poverty anymore and want to move from struggling for daily survival, involve in rituals, prostitution, thuggery, theft, robbery and some can be easily indoctrinated as militants because the country makes it so hard to live in.

For real, if you look at your situation right now and you were offered N50 Million to bomb a place, your family would get the funds, its so easy to say ‘Yes, I’d rather die and afford my family a better future than to let them go through the kind of suffering I have had to endure’.

Nigerians aren’t militants or terrorists; their leaders should take that blame as they have left them stagnant year in and year out with their myopic and short-term leadership decisions.

Gidi Reality084-360nobs Gidi Reality007-360nobs

There should be a law that demands all financial affairs of the economy be available for public consideration.

A law where every senator who is elected MUST be held accountable by their constituency if they fail to speak and represent them and their demands at the Senate house.

Unlike the norm of Senators speaking on issues they think their people need, they should propose what the people tell them they need.

A law where you can report the power authorities if they don’t give you electricity when due. Even with the prepaid meter, that is just for formality.

If you use prepaid, you’ll hardly have electricity in Nigeria as the electric officials assume if you have money for prepaid light then you definitely have enough money to buy fuel for your generator.

We need steady electricity as that will go a long way in solving lots of economic vices. When there’s light, the last thing on your mind is to enter the streets and act a fool. You’ll definitely find things to keep you busy.

Gidi Reality088-360nobs Gidi Reality078-360nobs

Steady electricity means no fuel hike, less agbero on the road, less traffic, and less crimes. It provides exposure and information about the world around its users.

Keeping electricity away from your citizens is as good as keeping them in the dark, literally. And Nigerians are in the dark. Makes you wonder if withholding electricity isn’t done deliberately by these leaders. Stop turning off light when there’s thunder and lightning.

Use quality products only. Irrespective how expensive it would cost. That’s the advantage of quality. Not using fake materials and still complain about burnt cable and blown-up transformers.

The westerners these leaders purchase electrical equipment from can never use any equipment that will go bad just-like-that. Such companies should also be fined.

Any company which uses fake products for our economy should be punished. When there’s electricity it would help the dream of ‘Buy Nigeria to grow the Naira’. You can’t be advocating buy Nigeria when there’s no electricity. We would still be buying oil products from outside to fund an inside dream. That is a very inachievable business plan.


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Gidi Reality


The Nigerian leaders should pass a law where any senator who refuses to carry out the wishes of its people can be removed and replaced irrespective of how long they have served.

And, the recovered loot should be made public when being disbursed as they were when recovered. Nigerians are tired of celebrating recovered loot when they never feel their effect in the economy.


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Gidi Reality  – Her people deserve and demand moreGidi Reality055-360nobs Gidi Reality056-360nobs Gidi Reality057-360nobs Gidi Reality058-360nobsGidi Reality060-360nobs

Gidi Reality051-360nobs
Gidi Reality – This is Lagos

There are way worse places in Lagos. And every state in Nigeria. Gidi Reality062-360nobs Gidi Reality069-360nobs Gidi Reality053-360nobs Gidi Reality049-360nobs

Gidi Reality024-360nobs
Gidi Reality, spotlighting Lagos

Is this really a country one would love to be patriotic to? Gidi Reality043-360nobs Gidi Reality036-360nobs Gidi Reality037-360nobs Gidi Reality039-360nobs Gidi Reality041-360nobs Gidi Reality042-360nobs Gidi Reality025-360nobs Gidi Reality031-360nobs Gidi Reality018-360nobs Gidi Reality030-360nobs Gidi Reality020-360nobs Gidi Reality032-360nobs Gidi Reality009-360nobs Gidi Reality011-360nobs

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