It’s Getting Real! John Boyega Is #TeamCap For Captain America: Civil War

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John Boyega is #TeamCap – Marvel released the second of two trailers for upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War, and it’s causing serious mayhem.

John Boyega is #TeamCap
John Boyega is #TeamCap

The trailers continue to focus on the disagreement between Iron Man and Captain America, and every fan has now begun to take sides, either #Team Cap or #TeamIronMan.

Spider-man Makes Debut In New Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Star Wars: The Force Awakens stat John Boyega joined the debate on Twitter and fully declared himself #TeamCap, while throwing shade at Iron Man and company.

Captain America: Civil War hits cinemas on the 26th of May. As for me, I’m #TeamIronMan all day!



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