#FitnessEssentials: Five Clothing Items You Need For the Gym

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Recently Khloe Kardashian showed off her fitness closet and it is insane! Khloe’s fitness closet has more clothes and shoes than the average person’s closet. However, do not think that before you start taking your work out seriously you need to have a world class closet. You just need the right clothes.

Today we have a look at five essential clothing items for hitting the gym. Once you have these five, you can’t go wrong.

Sports Bra 


A Sports Bra is a must if you are doing any form of exercise. Sports bras keep the breast in place while doing your workout.

Tank Top


Tank tops are great for work outs, especially those with breathable fabric and solid colors. If you’re conservative, not wanting to expose too much skin, you might need them. If also, you feel a bit too flabby, tank tops offer coverage.

Gym Pants


 Selecting pants for your work out is really dependent on what you like and feel most comfortable in. You can go with work out capris, shorts, tracks or leggings. Any one of them is really good to go.



Forgetting your socks at home while you go to the gym is one of the worst things to happen. Not wearing your socks during a work out causes sweaty and smelly feet. The importance of wearing socks can’t be overemphasized.

Great workout Shoes 


 Your gym shoes are the most important part of your essentials. There are various types of shoes for work out; running shoes, gym shoes shoes, sports and all sorts. Pick the one that’s best for you.



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