Fans Come Down Hard On Diamond Platnumz For Calling Kanye ‘Bro’

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Kanye West, 38, was chanced upon by indubitably one of Tanzania’s prime artiste, Diamond Platnumz, 26, at the LA airport while on his way to Las Vegas for a performance alongside Sean Paul and Wizkid.

He asked for a photo, Kanye obliged and the east-African singer captioned it ‘bro’. Fans are presently asking Diamond Platnumz, ‘Who is his ‘bro’?

360nobs - Diamond Platnumz
What a Long a** flight!…. Still gat 28 mints to land in LA, then wait for 4 hrs transit….then connect from LA to Las Vegas. (Before meeting Kanye)

Like every star or fan would ‘most possibly’ react, 26 year-old Diamond requested for a photo.

After obliging Diamond Platnumz’s request the husband-to-Kim-Kardashian gave his infamous hater-fan-and-family face; a frown.

The sheer fact the ‘Life of Pablo’ producer couldn’t even fake a smile while taking the shot has made fans… and frenemies of Platnumz (a) support his recent achievement in taking a photo with ‘Kanye West’ and (b) insist he begged for the photo and Kanye wasn’t pleased but agreed to take the photo anyway.

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Kanye West, was chanced upon by Tanzania’s prime artiste, Diamond Platnumz, while on his way to Las Vegas.

Like the facial expression wasn’t enough to let the trolls in, Platnumz captioned the image which was shared via social media, “LA am in Town Baby!!!….. With my bro #WEST”.

Kanye’s perpetual grim face plus Diamond Platnumz calling him ‘bro’ equaled, disses, jibes, shades and some very vile comments, you can’t help but laugh and twinge at once at peoples mentality.

On a real though, has anyone ever seen Kanye West take a photo and actually smile? You guessed right.

LA am in Town Baby!!!….. With my bro #WEST

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Jephtino Ngandu
Jephtino Ngandu – that’s so ridiculous with our poor african artists u just left Tanzania for demanding a Selfie with Kenye West n u call him your brother he dosnt even know where Tanzania its located in the world map!!kieeekieki those things #Diamond are doing even #Davido did it with #Future in begging him to take a selfie kieiekik
Faustine Masaba
Faustine Masaba – Kanye is alwayz very serious.Some are saying diamond forced him,how is that possible,which means did diamond use to force Kanye? was it a threat? Impossible!.I think u dnt knw the difference between them,if u knew u would understand who can force who between them!!” There is no way diamond can force Kanye on anything.
Kalegamye Hinyuye
Kalegamye Hinyuye – I would like to address all haters from kenya, Uganda and the rest of africa who are insulting diamond that he is not fluent in English…1) why don’t you advise your artists to stop singing rubbish and use English to reach diamond levels? 2)christian ronaldo and Lionel messi are very poor in English.who cares? and what do you have compared to them? 3)diamond is even famous than some of the artists in U.S whose English is their mother language so what’s up with you morons who have received it from west and got brain washed by it? 4)hate it or love it…diamond platinums comes from Tanzania and this is just the beginning. DIAMOND PLATINUM, MAKE US DREAM.
Isaac Molah
Isaac Molah – people commenting on kanyes face.who sees him smile in his photos. i commend diamond for the heights he has reached…seeing where he has come from.#HisBiggestfan
Steve Muriuki
Steve Muriuki – I don’t think he is happy seeing you.Just go back to zari sing for her utanipenda and argue with your brother Ali kiba. 
Nancy Kambua
Nancy Kambua – Ya’ll haters should get a life thts kanye west ever serious. If you thot diamond forced him to take a selfieyou barely know kanye west yoh just saw him today. Lol
Nancy Kambua's photo.
Ruth Pinky Brown
Ruth Pinky Brown – Haters haters haters why can’t you guys stop all this ehn? Anyone can call another brother my bro that doesn’t mean he’s like him wrongly so your please for the Love of God let him be the judge not you. Thank you Diamond Platnumz the Lord is with you all the way keep your smiles n give him praise.
Trim Saleem
Trim Saleem – It is clear often Kanye West doesn’t smile in front of the camera even if he is asked By American mainstream media it is his rule , so those who say Diamond forced him for a photo are just haters and lazy people who always find meaningless reason to criticize people especial those who are more successful than them . Go Diamond waiting for your collabo with Yeezy

Rashid Kambenga

Rashid Kambenga – Kanye west is the guy from South africa … soo is our bro … dont talk stupid stufff … Salute bro Dimond im from keko mwanga but now im in another country …. Gud life is about action not talking …

Suzie Mordaunt
Suzie Mordaunt – Crazy fools. No wonder u never get rich sorry asses. Look at u black people going against ur own. Diamond keep shining!!
Winstone Oyier
Winstone Oyier – To me I don’t see anything wrong him calling Kanye West bro and also being at that stage who doesn’t like fame ,limelight and money stop being jealous of Diamond let him be and be busy with your affairs busybody nkt.U are commenting shit coz u envy far he has gone my dear destiny has to full filled, Diamond go on.

360nobs - Diamond Platnumz1

LAS VEGAS your Platnumz is in Town already!!!!!!!…. let’s do a Movie tomorrow. ??

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