Elton John Slammed With New Sexual Harassment Lawsuit By Bodyguard

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Elton John

Elton John in sexual harassment and battery lawsuit with ex-bodyguard of 12 Years

Elton John, 69, faces new allegations of sexual harassment and battery as his ex-bodyguard is suing him for “putting his hands in his pants”.

Jeffrey Wenninger, former security guard Elton worked with him for twelve years before quitting in September, 2014.

In a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of California, Monday, Jeffrey cites multiple incidents of “unwelcome and offensive touching and groping” by the star.

Wenninger reports the escalation of the harassment in 2010, before it ended in 2014.

Elton John
Elton John, Jeffrey Wenninger

On one incident, Wenninger claims that in March 2014 during a car ride to Van Nuys airport, the 69-year-old Brit forced his hand down his pants, grabbed his genitals and put his fingers between his (Wenninger) butt cheeks”.

He also asserts, John had demanded he “Get your todger out,”. Sir Elton used the British slang to refer to his penis.

The ex-bodyguard details in court’s documents a second incident while driving to John’s home on April 12 where the singer told him; “You have so many gay genes in you. They just haven’t met up yet.”

Documents also revealed Elton John had reached into Wenninger’s shirt and twisted his nipples before sticking his finger into his ear while saying something to the effect of “You gorgeous thing, you”.

Elton John

The ex-bodyguard stated his refusal to commit to the star verbally and physically but Elton remained unmoved as he tried grabbing his employee’s privates again on April 16.

Wenninger revealed their was more assaults which transpired  over the time he was on Elton’s payroll.

Although victims of alleged sexual assault are not named publicly, Wenninger named himself in a publicly available lawsuit seeking damages through a jury trial.

Elton John who is not really of a sexual nature, rose to fame in the UK with the 1970 single “Your Song” and 1972’s “Rocket Man,”; he has also been accused of verbal and physical harassment in the past.

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