Egypt’s Justice Minister Sacked For Saying He Will Arrest Prophet Mohammad

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Egypt’s Prime Minister, Sherif Ismail, has sacked the Justice Minister, Ahmed al-Zind, after saying on television that he would arrest and jail Islam’s Prophet Mohammad himself, among others, if he broke the law – a comment considered blasphemous which had sparked national outrage and widespread criticism.

The dismissal hammer was wielded on Zind following his overzealousness to convince citizens of his commitment to fighting crime.

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It was gathered that Mr Zend sparked outrage on social media over the weekend after an interview he gave to private satellite channel Sada al-Balad on Friday.

Asked about a case involving journalists accused of defaming him and whether he would jail them, Mr Zind said he would imprison anyone.

“Even if it was Prophet [Mohammed].”

Upon realising what he had said, Zind immediately stopped and said: “I ask for forgiveness from God.” He also issued an apology in another interview on Saturday, but to no avail.

“Prime Minister Sherif Ismail issued a decree today to relieve Ahmed al-Zind … of his position,” a government statement said, giving no more details.

Mr Zend had clarified his comments in a telephone interview Saturday with private network CBC television, saying it was a mere “slip of the tongue”.

Meanwhile, angry Egyptians launched the Twitter hashtag “trial for Zend” as they lashed out at the minister.



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