#EgyptAir: Fracas Over Real Identity Of Egypt AirBus Hijacker

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#EgyptAir: Ibrahim Samaha has been misidentified as the Egypt AirBus hijacker

Egypt Air hijacker, Seif Eldin Mustafa has been identified as the man who hijacked a plane to send “love letter” to ex-wifeThe hijacker’s identity was misplaced with that of a passenger, Ibrahim Samaha.

The Egypt Air passenger jet Airbus A320 which was leaving Alexandria to Cairo was carrying 81 passengers, included eight Americans, four Britons, four Dutch, two Belgians, one Italian and 30 Egyptians and a crew of seven, before the unnamed man hijacked and took it hostage.

The plane diverted to Cyprus after the captain, Omar Jamal, was alerted to the presence of a passenger who was wearing a bomb vest.


Egypt Air confirmed the situation on Twitter at 7.40am GMT.

The deranged lover has been called “stupid” by his foreign ministries.

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Speaking on the matter, Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement:“He’s not a terrorist, he’s an idiot. Terrorists are crazy but they aren’t stupid. This guy is”. 

The Egyptian civil aviation ministry disclosed on what transpired : “The pilot said that a passenger told him he had an explosives vest and forced the plane to land in Larnaca”.

Earlier it was asserted via Alexandria University staff website that the hijacker was Ibrahim Abdel Tawab Samaha, a professor of veterinary medicine and specializes in health food control of milk and dairy products; he also has dual US-Egyptian citizenship.

Fresh information unearthed the hijacker was misnamed as Ibrahim Samaha who is a doctor and was identified as a passenger on the plane.

Egyptian authorities named the suspect who allegedly threatened a pilot with a suicide bomb and he has since denied responsibility for the hijacking.

State television reported that Ibrahim Samaha, an Egyptian national aged 27 or 28 years old, diverted the Egypt Air flight from Alexandria to Cairo on Tuesday morning.

A man identifying himself as Dr Ibrahim Samaha has spoken to BBC Arabic, saying he was a passenger on the plane and not involved in hijacking it.

There is a lot of confusion now over the identity of the hijacker, with Egyptian officials backtracking after naming him as vet Ibrahim Samaha.

According to an Egyptian newsite Youm7, Sief ordered the pilot to fly to Turkey but was told they did not have enough fuel, hence he changed his mind to Cyprus.

Negotiations with Seif saw the release of a majority of the hostages, except eleven others ie the crew and four foreigners, Egypt Air said.

Airport officials onboard the plane are yet to find any explosives as Seif’s ex-wife is said to be making her way to Larnaca.

Seif presently seeks asylum in Cyprus.

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