Eat Right Africa: Ayo Van Elmar Shares How to Lose Tummy Fat Fast.

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In this new episode of Eat Right Africa, Fashion Designer/Nutritionist, Ayo Van Elmar shares evident ways on how to lose tummy fast real quick and increase health.

Carbohydrates and starchy food converted into excess energy is stored as glycogen, and this is the reason behind protruding bellies.

Many of us Africans, especially women, worry about the amount of fat that is stored around our tummies. We run off to buy clinchers that somewhat flatten the belly.  These often feel uncomfortable, don’t improve health and only compress the storage tissues.
Have you considered having at least one salad per day? Replacing one of your meals, perhaps lunch, with a bowl of salad and some fish or chicken? Salads are healthy and loaded with vitamins and minerals. They are a quick fix too! You’re just literally cutting stuff and throwing them together. Doesn’t take more than five minutes of your time.

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Ayo Elizabeth

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