Drunk Woman Jumps Off Building To Escape ‘Rapist Ghost’

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One of the effects of alcohol is hallucination. This woman has taken this meaning to an all time high, or to an all time low as she jumped off her building believing there was a ghost out to rape and kill her. Turns out, it was just her husband on a lunch-break from work.

The woman who was intoxicated jumped off a third-floor window after mistaking her husband – who just arrived home for a quick bite before heading back – for a rapist ‘ghost attacker’.


A CCTV in Tulun, Russia, captured the woman scrambling out of her flat through a window after she heard knocks on her front door. She was certain it was a ghost after her so she chose to make it out alive through the window.

Mirror reports: “The video shows the woman plunging towards the ground before her fall is broken by the canopy of a local TV company. She jumps off the canopy and rolls on the snow-covered ground before going inside the block to get help from the local TV company. Staff at the firm immediately called for an ambulance. The woman was taken to hospital where she was treated for cuts and bruises”.


At the hospital, the woman informed doctors “she had heard voices in her head warning that the man outside was a ghost who wanted to attack her and that she should jump”.

Confirming the issue, Police Spokesman Igor Martynenko said: “This woman has problems with alcohol and at the moment of her jumping out of the window she had been drinking non-stop for a week. Her condition is characterized by different ‘visions'”. 

Martynenko added that it was ‘her husband who had come from work on his lunch break’ that was at the door and not any ghost like the drunk woman’s mind conceived.

She is presently under psychiatric evaluation.

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