Doctor Abandons Birthing Mother To Take Selfie That Captures Her Nudity

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A Moldovan doctor, Dr Sergui Sochirca, put himself into trouble after he took a selfie with a birthing mother in the background and he posted it on his Facebook account.

Talk about implicating yourself by yourself.


He is the former director of the local hospital in Floresti, north-east Moldova and has been demanded to be suspended by the National Ministry of Health for taking a selfie from a delivery room, with a new mother lying naked in the background.

Dr Sochirca took two pictures; the first one of himself with the naked mother in the background and the second was of the new-born being held by a nurse.

He then posted it on his Facebook account with the caption: ‘Work is at its peak. Greetings to everyone who is doing night shifts! A small baby with big hopes just came into this world!’.

The inappropriate selfie which went viral sparked outrage in the country’s social media as it was viewed as a brickbat.360nobs-moldovandoctor

Moldovan Health Minister, Ruxanda Glavan gave assurances that Dr Sochirca will be reprimanded for his ‘unprofessional behavior’.

She said: ‘Regarding the outrageous and irresponsible behavior of the doctor in Floresti who published photos from the surgery room of a half-conscious mother and her newborn on Facebook. I’ve sent an inquiry to the management of Floresti District Hospital to ask for the immediate sanctioning of doctor Sergiu Sochirca according to current legislation’.

The hospital is still lost in deciding an appropriate punishment for Dr Sochirca’s behavior as his actions “breached patient confidentiality rights, personal data protection and ethical norms regulating the medical profession”.

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