Deschamps Leaps To Pogba’s Defence

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France coach Didier Deschamps is defending Paul Pogba, saying he’s not expected to score two or three goals in a game.

The 23-year-old has helped Juventus to three successive scudetto titles since joining the club.

Unfortunately the midfielder doesn’t have such an impressive statistic for his country, scoring just five goals in 28 caps.

But Deschamps is not concerned by Pogba’s lack of goals ahead of the upcoming European Championship in France, insisting he is useful in other areas on the pitch.

“From the very beginning he demonstrated a lot and people expect for him to deliver. We expect him to be always great and to make the difference,” he said.

“He’s a midfielder that helps the team to get good situations. If he’s not making the difference during a game that doesn’t mean he’s not helpful within the team.

“He can also be more neutral and doing more regular things too. It’s also important in a team.

“I’m not expecting that he scores two, three goals at every game. He can score, he can be better during some games. He’s a part of [a] collective.

“He has great abilities and I think that the expectations are as high as his qualities.”



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