House of Deola: #KomoleKandids Series-2 by Deola Ade-Ojo (Full Lookbook)

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#KomoleKandids Series-2; the eagerly awaited follow-up to #KomoleKandids Series 1, by Deola Ade-Ojo (formerly Deola Sagoe), for the House of Deola is the perfect completion to the Komole Kandids 2016 Weddings collection.

The Komole textile form addresses the same ideological desires that led to the development of lace in Europe in centuries past. Today, lace has its parallel, in many ways it’s usurper, in this House of Deola signature style of Aso-Oke fabric – a fabric at the heart of a nation’s identity and consciousness.

“Series-2 is to Series-1 what the wedding reception is to the wedding ceremony. If Series-1 appealed to the demure ‘classic-ness’ in the bride and bridal party, then Series-2 says ‘it’s time to get the party started’; this is the moment for the wedding guest (dare we say even the uninvited ones), to have their limelight moment!”  Deola Ade-Ojo

The colour palette for KomoleKandids is a continuum from pastels to jewel tones, with iridescent sheen arising from silk ‘shot-through’ Aso-Oke weaves. Silhouettes flatter into a demure hourglass shape with floor length dresses that stagger the onlooker.

Take a look at the #KomoleKandids series 2 collection below;

KomoleKandids lookbook_DSseries2_002_360nobs
AMAL X NIKOLINA: Tropical rain forest green pelisse adorned with Komole Kandids Daisy motif.

KomoleKandids lookbook_DSseries2_001_360nobs

KomoleKandids: SOPIA Alice blue Aso-oke, A-line dress patterned with Komole Kandids Nectar motif
KomoleKandids: BIBA X REWA Cherry blossom pink diaphanous crop-top with Komole Kandids Bubble motif and A-line, midi skirt adorned with Komole Kandids Daisy motif.
KomoleKandidis: LEILA Apricot and gold gilded Aso-oke dress patterned with Komole Kandids Forest motif.
Komole Kandids: ANA X NATALIA Hand bejewelled bodysuit with encrusted gems in Komole Kandids fractal motif

Komole Kandids_House of Deola01_360nobs

KomoleKandids NINA Sky blue short dress with coral inlay and belt.
KomoleKandids: TALLULAH Aquamarine Aso-oke top and skirt patterned with Komole Kandids Fractal motif.

Komole Kandids_House of Deola02_360nobs

Komole Kandidis MALIA Dark tangerine Aso-oke dress, patterned with olive Komole Kandids Forest on Nectar motif
Komole Kandids: LOUISA Pistachio, daffodil and cherry blossom pink Aso-oke dress patterned with Komole Kandids Bubble motif
KomoleKandids: BELLA X ROSA Pastel violet Aso-oke peplum jacket patterned with Komole Kandids Daisy motif

KomoleKandids_House of Deola01_360nobs

Komole Kandids: ARI X YASMIN Dark raspberry liquid metal corset and Floral A-line skirt
KomoleKandids: CLAUDIA Alizarin floor length dress with detachable cherry blossom pink and alizarin side peplum

Komole Kandids_House of Deola03_360nobs

CREDITS – Models: @fewmodels @bethmodelafrica | Photography: @kelechiamadiobi | Hair: @ugo007makeme | Makeup: @bimpeonakoya | Shoes: @thepoloavenue | Creative Direction & Styling: Teni Sagoe | Jewellery: Aanushkil Jewellery | Bags: Vintage bags from the late Elizabeth Wuraola Ojo’s closet



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