Dear Terrence Ross, Do Not Date Amber Rose

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Terrence Ross dating Amber Rose? It seems to be the newest relationship on social media radar as they both subtly revealed ‘I have found my T’ and ‘WCW’.

While on E! Online’s Hollywood medium with Tyler, Amber Rose, 32, tweeted:

Terrence Ross, 25, is a Toronto Raptor Guard/Forward NBA Baller and he named Amber Rose as his Woman Crush Wednesday last week: #wcw??

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Both stars are in very different professional fields; Terrence is a Raptors basket ball player while Amber is ……just famous.

Queen of Rosebuds who earlier declared ‘I am tired of dating rappers. get them away from me’ comes across as having moved her eyes to a baller.

As much as many are wagering if the relationship will last or if it’s real to begin with; here are several reasons we think Amber holding the heart of Terrence Ross is probably a bad… make that A VERY BAD idea.

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# 1 –   His career as a NBA star is more important than a piece of a**.

Presently playing for the Raptors, Terrence Ross needs zero social media drama, zero love drama, zero paparazzi drama and zero Amber drama.


# 2 –   Muva has a big mouth. Would probably diss Terrence if they ever break up. And not the private type… Amber goes for the jugular so she’ll call on the twitter-hashtag-creating kind of diss.

That special poison that can make the 25-year-old crawl into a hole and die as she can bring his world down or maybe create a BIG CRACK in it with just one tweet. Ask Kanye and Wiz Khalifa.

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# 3   Her finger has been in Kanye’s ass. Kanye started it and Muva finished it. Amber Rose set twitter on fire and Kanye on defensive when she tweeted about Kanye missing how she used to play with his ass while they were dating years back.

She even got an offer to get her hand sculpted for a sex toy site.

Terrence Ross, imagine your girl having her own sex toy line complete with her hand that LOTS OF MEN can hold unto while masturbating? Complex squared.

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# 4 –   His name isn’t muddled yet. So far so good, Terrence Ross isn’t on everyone’s radar, yet. With the high rate of buzz created around his new ‘relationship’ with Amber, he will be going global soon.

That kind of fame while attached to someone like Amber is a good thing and a bad one too as drama, social media and gossip trails Amber Rose like corruption stays stuck in …..

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# 5 –   He has a baby to take care of. Terrence Ross is also a baby daddy to a cute baby boy. He needs to focus on his child’s life and Amber should do the same.

Ross doesn’t need paps stalking his kid’s life and being with Amber will definitely bring the bloodhounds out.

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# 6 – Terrence Ross has a sense of humor as all the memes were shared by him.

Amber’s sense of humor is restricted to promoting ‘slut’ memes, slut-shaming, eating penis or snatching someone’s husband or father. And it always involves her little humor and her ample boobs and booty.

360nobs - Terrence Ross 360nobs - Amber Rose

Still, if the Raptors star and Amber insist what they share, have or feel is love… we’ll watch how it plays out.

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