Dead Body Palava: New Trend Of Corpses Attending Their Own Funerals

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Ever heard of a corpse attending their own burial before? No, not in a casket. Yes, in person.

As weird as it might sound, funeral homes have reported bizarre requests from families wanting to pay tribute to their dead ones like they were alive.

Here are real instances where the family of the deceased held a living burial-ceremony for their dearly departed.

Mickey Easterling

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Mickey, 83, a well-known New Orleans socialite and philanthropist was arranged posing with a glass of bubbly in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

She was dressed in an evening gown, complete with ornate hat and a pink feather boa.

Willie Stokes Jr

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Thirty years ago Chicago gambler Willie Stokes Jr was buried in a casket resembling a Cadillac Seville. Stokes, 28, who had been shot dead on the steps of a motel, was propped up in the driver’s seat.

His car coffin boasted blinking headlights, a windscreen, Cadillac grille and a licence plate with Willie’s “Wimp” nickname.

Angel Pantoja Medina

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In Puerto Rico, Angel Pantoja Medina, who was shot dead in 2008 and thrown over a bridge in his underwear, is now forever remembered as “el muerto parao” or dead man standing.

His corpse was leant against a wall, dressed as a rapper and wearing his favorite New York Yankees cap.

His aunt Ana Delia Pantojas said: “All sorts came to see him – lawyers, judges. Everyone was saying things like, ‘for my wake I want to be in my recliner with a cup of coffee’.”

David Morales

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Motorbike-loving David Morales was embalmed sitting on his beloved Honda.

Edgardo Velazquez

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Then paramedic Edgardo Velazquez was embalmed in his uniform sitting in the driver’s seat of his own ambulance.

Carlos Cabrera

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One family even asked them to pose their son Carlos Cabrera as Che Guevara, cross-legged, head bowed, cigar in hand.

Christopher Rivera Amora

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Their most extravagant wake to date was for boxer Christopher Rivera Amora. Standing in the ring, gloves on and head bowed, Amora could have been preparing for the fight of his life. If he wasn’t dead.

Jesus Diaz Beato

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His family requested to see him in death just as he would be if he was alive.

Miriam Burbank360nobs - dead body palava 2

Miriam Burbank was positioned at a table with beer, whisky and cigarettes nearby, and nails painted in the colors of her favorite American football team for her service in New Orleans.

Miriam “Mae-Mae” Burbank, who died of cancer in early June 2014, is pictured seated at a table at the Charbonnet Funeral Home in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Wanting to demonstrate their mum, who died at the age of 53, had been full of life, Miriam’s daughters decided they wanted her exit to have a party feel.

Lionel Batiste

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The bizarre service began in New Orleans in 2012 with the death of jazz musician Lionel Batiste.

Mr Batiste did not want people looking down at him, so at his service he was standing up, leaning on a lamp post, hands on his walking cane, hat tipped rakishly to one side.

Would you like to be buried in live-tribute? You’d be dead anyway but still, if you had a choice, would you rather just have a closed mourning funeral or a live-tribute in celebration of your life?


Source: dailymail

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