Davido’s Album ‘Baddest’, Not Good Enough For Global Appeal

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Davido Gets Second International Record Deal

Davido’s Album ‘Baddest’ won’t breathe the 2016 air as it needs to be reworked to meet international standard and retain global appeal

Davido’s album not being released this year has got many wondering if it’s real or just another publicity stunt.

All these stars stunting all over the world; we just can’t be too sure about our Nigerian stars too who have an uncanny habit of stunting with publicity.

Davdio's Album Won't See 2016
Davdio’s Album Won’t See 2016

Davido went on Channels Television to say he wouldn’t be releasing his slang-named “Baddest” album. We are just in March.

Real name, David Adeleke said Sony Music Global music, which he recently signed a deal with, requires more time to ensure “‘the album carries global appeal’, as well as stage a successful global distribution of the project”.

When asked about a release date for the album, the BET Best International Act winner replied : “I am not sure yet (and) it might not even be this year”.

Davido's album needs to be worked on to meet international standard
Davido’s album needs to be worked on to meet international standard

We are just in March. Unless the Baddest album needs a total rework which means the singer will have to start his new album all over again.

For Davido’s new songs to have ‘global appeal’, lots of things have to be thrown out. If you listen to Nigerian music you’d understand why Sony Music needs young Adeleke’s album to be up to international standard on a global scale and not just what appeals to the Nigerian market.

We anticipate it. But? Hope it’s not a PR Stunt, lest we wake up in October and see an album art on the star’s social media telling up of ‘something new’ about to be released this year.

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Davido’s album ‘Baddest’ needs to be appealing for the international audience

Since he said we shouldn’t expect anything, we won’t. But, there’s always a ‘but’, if he decides to surprise us with the album this year, it would be a nice one still.

Meanwhile, the star will be performing alongside Yo Gotti, White Lungs, Twin Peaks, Tory Lanez and Young Metro this Friday at the Fader Fort show in Austin, Texas.

  • lulugram – Glad young metro trusts Davido enough to perform with him.
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Davido’s album will not be released in 2016 as Sony Music Global needs it to be perfect

The 23 year-old star recently got rebuffed by a fan after he posted a photo of Fela on his IG.

  • elvismoney9912 – David fela is not your mentor not like Wizkid burna boy and dbanj so no deceive us u have never posted a pics of him since I knew you on IG or anywhere else not like the rest.
  • tudotspecial – Huh! @davidoofficial i’ve been seeing many of ur pictures but I got so confuse when I come across this #FELA pic, what really inspire u in it? Is it the posture, designer, concept of music, fame he got or the uniqueness he create for his kind of music or something really different? ?
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Davido’s album is among #ThingsILongThroatFor
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