Daddy Freeze Calls A Female Fan “An Octopus Sea Witch”

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Daddy Freeze of Cool FM recently took a stand against cyber-bullying; yet when a ‘fanenemy’ called him an ‘ugly yellow crayfish’, the award winning presenter shot back with “she looks like the bleached version of the octopus sea witch, Ursula. #NoChill2016

Since the emergence of social media, its quotidian for users to attack verbally anyone who might be different from them, both in looks, fashion, and perspective.

These social media bullies are called ‘Trolls” as they ‘deliberately post provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument’.

The argle bargle began with the famed presenter comparing the success of ex-bread seller turned model, Olajumoke Orisaguna with the predicament of Ayodele Daniel Dada, Nigeria’s perfect CGPA student in 54 years who is about to get evicted from his home for ‘lack of funds to pay house-rent’.
One particular bully-footer forced her way to Freeze’s post and dropped some very rude comments; maybe she expected Daddy Freeze to swallow her diss but he came for her with venom, humor and anger as he said he ‘will only take the post down if ‘ursula’ apologizes’.

While some supported Freeze’s perspective, others encouraged him to take a chill pill with a glass of class.

The caption for the image read:

LETS ALL STAND AGAINST CYBER BULLYING!!!! Because of my last article, this woman called me a yellow crayfish. Can someone please describe how she looks. What shade of crayfish is she? Is she any darker than I am? Do you know that if I weren’t as confident as I am in my colour I would have been tempted to Tan? It’s not right!

People should feel free to make comments or suggestions on my page without being insulting or like this woman, outright uncouth and horribly vulgar!

Do you guys remember the Disney animation ‘the little mermaid’ she looks like the bleached version of the octopus sea witch ‘Ursula’. And look at those eyebrows meeen. Guys you dey try putting up with this kind of a woman.

360nobs - daddy freeze

While a commenter posted: “Stop cyber bulling! 2016 is no chill pill year! Gbam”, another called for the image to be taken down, “Daddyfreeze kindly take down this post in de honor of women u respect in ur life..thanks”.

Team Supporting Daddy Freeze Vs Opposing Daddy Freeze battled on the post:

  • ujuamobi – And the Irony is you just called us to stand against cyber bullying yet you just cyber bullied her
  • leprechaun_m – That’s CYBERBULLING sir, I’m not judging but I think you had the option of ignorance, instead fueling the fire.
  • mariam_lizI need her husband’s phone number, make some oloshos help me teach her lesson. Fat ugly b your eyebrows get crayfish shape so?
  • daddyfreeze – Anyway guys this post is disappearing soon. Post your comments quickly
  • atl_rootz – People should learn never to insult others, if stuff doesn’t go down well with you, you simply ignore or criticise constructively and not being a butt crack about it. “Take her picture down, you’re giving her fame” you said? Famous for being a fool?#ClapBackAtEveryFoolishnessPlease.
  • youngwarlock – Mainly looking at her you can understand she doesn’t look like a person with bright ideas. what freeze said about the unilag student and Olajumoke made so much sense, one of the best things he ever wrote that I related perfectly with. However everyone can’t see things how we see them. Celebrate greatness too not just poverty
  • omabebe_al – U shud fight against cyber bully tru other means u just gave tit for tat. I see no reason y she should apologize,Ur getting all d attention u need.
  • daddyfreeze – I don’t do this, people will continue going to insult other people and think they can get away with it. Why should she come to my page and insult me?

Truly,  why would one exert effort to turn on their data or WiFi just to go to another’s page and insult them? I get tempted to state how I really feel on some ‘annoying’ posts I see but I’m an advocate for ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ and ‘if you have nothing nice to say, just smile and move on’. Trolls need to register for a ‘Character 101’ course with me.

Lol, Daddy Freeze great clapback BUT, next time, don’t blaze trolls again. No one should feel they can disrespect you because you are a star and get away with it, you are first a person before a star. Your human side gets hurt when frenemies disrespect you even though your Star side will tell you to let it go.

If you’re mere mortal, reply the troll and get into a debased conversation on social media defending your actions or Be a star and ignore the troll; they get theirs everyday.

You’re above their level, replying them brings you down to theirs. #NoChill2016

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