Cute Morning Habits Nigerian Couples Lack #2

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Cute Morning Attributes Nigerian Couples Should Embrace

The part two of the Cute Habits Nigerian Couples Lack #1 lists five more endearing attributes couples can imbibe in their daily routine to make their relationship better.

Start your day in each other’s arms

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It is a ‘norm’ for couples to sleep apart but waking up apart shouldn’t be ‘normal’. A relationship affords partners a live teddy to cozy up with. Take advantage of it. Rather than sleep all cuddled up with oneself like you did when single, stretch out and let your lover into your private morning space.


Reach out and hold your partner at dawn when you wake first. They’ll reciprocate if they appreciate the gesture. If they don’t appreciate it, do it anyway. It’ll start your day on a good note. Plus, with time, they’ll begin to enjoy it too.

Smile a lot in the morning, even when its corny

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Couples wake with the last grudge they went to be with. That’s not a good way to start the day. Invest in a few free smiles. Even the cheesy kind. That will definitely get your partner smiling back and bid goodbye to whatever squabbles of the previous night.


If you both have to start the day together, smile at them. Even when you don’t want to. Smile. It makes your face light up and your happiness will radiate into your partner’s space and they’ll wonder why aren’t you mad anymore.

Cuddle for some minutes 

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As busy as everyone’s schedule for the day might be, couples should spend at least five minutes of their morning, embraced in each others arms and just talking about their plans for that day. It’s best to bring this up as a morning routine with your partner.


If one insists they don’t have the time for a morning embrace; take their hand, lead them to a couch, have them sit on your thighs if your the man or sit on theirs after they’ve taken a sit, if you’re the woman.

Put an arm around them and whisper ‘I love you and I just want five minutes with you before the world has to have its piece of us’. 

Choose and make breakfast together

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Another ‘norm’ is for the woman to pick and make breakfast. This boring and redundant routine will get the woman feeding her king like her child, ‘whatever I cook, you eat’. It’s time to rise above the average.

A rare gesture and quite difficult too as the man wants his sleep but the effort will go a long way to make your woman happy.


Ask her what she wants or you both whip whatever you both want for breakfast, together. Laugh, joke, get to know each other’s plans for the day while enjoying breakfast in each other’s presence.

Bless his day

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Cute habits couples lack

The man is always looking for ways to make his woman happy. It’d be good to know that she shares his dreams, daily. Not today she’s interested and when it gets stormy she clamps up and starts serving attitude.


Always kiss his forehead while offering a silent prayer on his behalf before either of you head out for the day. He’ll always look for it as that moment will turn out to be the most important moment of his day if done continuously. Bless your man’s day and watch the day bless the works of his hand.

Even if he doesn’t make all his financial expectations of the day, he knows he isn’t fighting alone as he has a woman who prays with and for him.

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