Crystal Renay And Her Newborn, Prince SJ, Face Worldwide Diss

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Crystal Renay And Newborn Face Worldwide Diss

Crystal Renay birthed baby Prince SJ, Tuesday, and fans are already horrible to the less than twenty-four hour old child.

Comments flooding in since the announcement was made on the couple’s Snapchat account have gotten some to even tag the child a ‘meal ticket’ for Renay.

  • aqncdailyblogs – i wonder if @neyo will request a DNA test from crystal renay like he did Monyetta?
  • theloveleeme – She loving that baby like the meal ticket he is
  • heyeee_mrs_johnson – ? somebody said the baby’s head so big he has all of NeYo’s lyrics memorized…. NeYo has written a lot of damn songs though! ????
  • neokeha@_aquariaa –  i CANT!! They said she Bonnie from family guy cuz she been pregnant forever ???
360nobs - Crystal Renay 372
Crystal Renay And Neyo

Some questioned if Neyo will get a paternity test as he did with his ex-wife, Monyetta Shaw. Shaw has two kids – Madilyn, 5, and Mason, 4 – for the ‘Let Me Love You’ crooner.

Crystal Renay was even compared to Bonnie from family guy because she had been pregnant forever, purportedly. At least now she has birthed her son.

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Crystal Renay

Prior to the wedding which was held last month, Crystal Renay confessed she had discovered she was pregnant the day before her dress-fitting.

She told People Magazine the day before her wedding : “I’m gonna be honest: I’m nine months pregnant – I’m nervous about falling on my face. When I went to my first fitting, I had actually just found out the day before that I was pregnant, so from the beginning of the whole dress process, we knew that it would be a growing belly.”

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After ShadeRoomInc posted the image of Crystal Renay’s new birth, fans jumped in and the comments weren’t sugar-coated. Not even for the child’s sake.

They slew Crystal Renay and Neyo and the new-born. Some people can be so…….. #nocomment

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Crystal Renay and new born Prince SJ
  • voodoodoll_dee – Damn dats an awful thing to say about a baby y’all got no chills
  • theegomonster –  John Legend wife still ain’t had that baby yet ?
  • audemarz718 – The longest pregnancy ever 2yrs for that baby to come out finally
  • alina_colada – How u get married 3 weeks before your baby is due? ? shotgun wedding
  • alina_colada – Guinness Book Of World Records for Longest Human Pregnancy Ever

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Forget the haters, here are several reasons we love the Smiths. They are compatible, happy and we hope they last despite what trolls think.

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360nobs - Crystal Renay 8

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360nobs - Crystal Renay

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