Closet Essentials: Must have Underwear for The Ladies

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Every girl should have certain pieces in her underwear closet, whether androgynous or super feminine. This list selects underwear type that are a must have for every female.

These five items are very specific to the average woman:


Convertible bra, T-shirt bra, Strapless bra. Any type of bra is very important for a girl and if you are less than an A cup you can go with really nice bralettes or push up and padded bras. Having a good bra is every girl’s support system, and the kind of bra you need to wear may vary depending on the kind of outfit you are going with. If you need to wear a top that would show your bra strap you can easily go for a handless or convertible bra. For colors, a black or nude bra is your best bet.




Like the air we breathe and the water we drink, panties are so ubiquitous that they often go unnoticed. Even if you don’t prefer to wear them daily, there’s no denying that sometimes certain outfits just require underwear. They are major must haves for every girl. The type of panties vary and you can select the type you would wear based on your clothes.




Seamless BriefsSeamless_360nobs

These are essential because not everyone one wears thongs and that’s made as an excuse for visible panty lines. We recommend Seamless briefs and panties. It can be a great alternative to a thong style. They offer coverage, but thanks to the seamless finish won’t have those problematic panty lines. They’re also a better alternative to a thong with more sheer fabrics; where a thong might reveal too much, these will ensure you stay covered.



With all the sheer tops we have in our closets, you need a basic camisole to provide the coverage you need underneath. You might not wear camisoles because of your sheer top, but if you have a Blazer you want to rock you might need to pair it with a camisole. Most essential colors are also black and nude.


Sexy Lingerie look1_sleepover_360blog

It gets to a point in a woman’s life where the need for sexy and matching underwear becomes essential. You can either buy it because you are showing someone or just to make you feel sexy for yourself. Underwear is important and whether or not its covered by outerwear you should have a sexy lingerie in your collection. The best colors to go with are usually Red, Pink or White.




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