Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna: New Book Reveals What Actually Happened

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Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna: One of the most popular and referenced events is Chris Brown’s beating of ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna
Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna

The incident, which occurred after a Grammys pre-party, effectively ended the duo’s relationship and began Brown’s legal troubles.

In his new book The Song Machine: Inside The Hit Factory,” author John Seabrook has written what exactly happened that night, based on a police officer’s account in an affidavit.

Read the excerpt below!

Shortly after midnight, Clive Davis’s gala broke up and the beautiful young couple left the Beverly Hilton in Brown’s Lamborghini.

They hadn’t gone far before [Robyn Rihanna] Fenty confronted [Chris] Brown about a long text message from another woman she had discovered on his phone.

Shouting, she slammed both hands down on the dashboard in anger.

Brown stopped the car in the neighborhood of Hancock Park and leaned across Fenty to open her door, trying to push her out.

But Fenty had her seat belt on. Her door swung closed and Brown pushed her up against it, punching her in the left eye and in the mouth.

He started to drive again, steering the car with his left hand while he continued to hit her with his right.

When the beating temporarily stopped, Fenty sat up and looked at her left eye in the mirror.

It was starting to swell, and her mouth was filling with blood.

“I’m going to beat the shit out of you when we get home,” Brown reportedly said.

“You wait and see.”

Fenty called her assistant and got voicemail, but pretended she was talking to her. “I am on my way home,” she said. “Make sure the cops are there when I get there.”

“You just did the stupidest thing ever!” Brown cried. “Now I’m really going to kill you!”

He started punching her again.

At this, according to the police report, Fenty “interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face.”

His blows thwarted, Brown got Fenty in a headlock. She couldn’t breathe and began to lose consciousness. She gouged at his eyes, and Brown bit her left ring and middle fingers, and then released her.

Brown stopped the car and got out while Fenty screamed for help. A resident called 911.

When the cops arrived they found a “very upset and crying” Fenty seated in the driver’s seat of the parked vehicle, with Brown nowhere to be seen. He didn’t reappear until seven that evening, when he turned himself in to the LAPD and was booked on assault charges, as the Grammys were going on at the Staples Center.

Needless to say, the couple did not perform at the show after all.

Fenty suffered two black eyes, with large contusions under both caused by Brown’s ring, a split lip, and bite marks on her hands and body.

More damaging to her image were the pictures of her swollen and battered face that two female L.A. police officers leaked to TMZ, the gossip site, several weeks after the incident.

For Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the pain of the beating itself was augmented by the humiliation of the whole world seeing her as the victim of an angry lover, just like her own mother and Brown’s. She was forced to confront in the most public possible way the psychic memento of domestic violence that lay underneath the enamel of glamour.

In the end, fame couldn’t save little Robyn from the horror of her parents’ marriage, as she had dreamed it might.



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  1. I’m tryna think how they are still alive if he did all of that while driving… Umm if somebody got you in a head lock your gonna try to get out of it and this would make the driver wiggle ALOT..sooo how is it that they are still alive… ??? you gotta be mighty stupid to believe this crap and if it did happen Chris Brown is a great driver. He own some other type of driving frfr…

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