China Improves Women’s Rights Just As Nigeria Muses About Gender Parity

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The republic of China has taken a giant leap toward gender equality as it has amended laws and regulations to ameliorate the overall development of women in the country and further improve the welfare and rights of females.

China Improves Women’s Rights Just As Nigeria Muses About Gender Parity
China Improves Women’s Rights Just As Nigeria Muses About Gender Parity

As China’s first law against domestic violence came into effect earlier this March, deputies attending the National People’s Congress (NPC) annual session said the law would further guarantee women’s rights.

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Sun Xiaomei, NPC deputy who has long advocated for the law, applauds the legislation, saying that “women are the highest-risk group facing domestic violence. The law will better protect their rights.”

Riyangul Almire, a female deputy from the rural area of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, said that local women’s federations had been promoting the marriage law and anti-domestic violence law through various channels in different languages.

“With the protection of the law, women in rural areas feel safer than before,” she added.

This is coming against the backdrop of Nigerian bicameral legislation’s defiant stance to accept the bill that would espouse gender parity in the country.

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The bill, which was proposed by Senator Biodun Olujimi of Ekiti South Senatorial District, advocated “for an Act to incorporate and enforce certain provision of the United Nations Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, the protocol of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the rights of women in Africa and other matters connected therewith.”

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According to one of the contents of the bill, a widow would automatically become the custodian of the children in the event of the death of her husband, and would also inherit his property.

However, when the the bill was put to a vote by the Senate President Bukola Saraki, majority of the senators shouted a thunderous “nay”, and subsequently had their way.

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The thunderous response cued one’s mind to visualize the Nigerian Senate as a merry-band of misogynistic and misanthropic elites, who feel most alive when enacting laws that denigrate a certain gender of its citizenry, thereby depicting them as the Nation’s chief acrimonious schadenfreude.



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