Childless Woman Kidnaps Two-Month-Old Baby Boy After Deceiving His Mother

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A childless woman abducted a stranger’s baby after luring his mother into the streets

Kelly Mahon, 41, pleads guilty, Tuesday, following her arrest for the kidnap of a nine-week-old baby boy from his family.

The loco woman abducted the child on February 24, after she had deceived the tot’s mother, lying that her husband had an accident and her presence was required after which Kelly offered to babysit the woman’s children then kidnapped her tot.

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A court heard: “She (Kelly) knocked on the door and told the mother that her husband has been in a road accident and was lying unconscious in the street.

Mahon, who had made contact with the mother before at a bus stop, then offered to look after the children while she went to find her injured partner.

But when the mother returned to her home in Arleston, Telford, Shropshire, after realizing there was no accident, she was left ‘hysterical’ and ‘beside herself’ when she found her child had been abducted”.

The police was alerted and after an urgent few hours hunt, the child was found safe in Mahon’s home.

Her home was searched further and a number of baby items – including both boys and girls clothes – was discovered.

She has no children of her own which caused one to wonder why she had lots of baby clothes for two sexes and no babies.

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Shrewsbury Crown Court heard “the offender ‘deliberately sought out the victim’ for the pre-planned kidnap and may have had further child victims in mind”.

Th childless woman has been charged with kidnapping a baby ‘by force or by fraud’. During her trial, Kelly stared squarely at members of the baby’s family as they sat in the public gallery.

Mahon, who wore a grey sweater and grey jogging bottoms while docked in handcuffs showed no regrets as she entered her plea during the 10 minute hearing.

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Speaking only to confirm her name, the 41 year-old glared at the family one last time as she was remanded in custody and led away by a security guard.

Presiding Judge, Robin Onions ordered a psychiatric report be carried out prior to sentencing at the same court on May 12.

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He told Mahon: “I don’t begin to understand what the parents have been through but clearly it’s a very serious offence which has caused enormous upset.

You should understand it’s inevitable you will receive a custodial sentence of some length”.

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