Carlos Vela Apologizes For Missing Training Because He Went Clubbing

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Carlos Vela Apologizes For Missing Training – Real Sociedad’s Carlos Vela has apologized for missing a club training session after spending the night before at a club.

Carlos Vela Apologizes For Missing Training
Carlos Vela Apologizes For Missing Training

Vela was handed a heavy fine by the club, and in his apology, he added that he felt things were being taken a little too far.

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“All of us make mistakes and the majority of us have missed a day’s work for whatever reason. But it’s not as though I’ve killed someone,” he told reporters.

“I made a mistake; I am the first to admit that I put my foot in it and I accept everything that follows as a result of my error.

“As a person, I think you should assume the responsibilities of your actions. I repeat: I respect the fans a lot, for the good things and for the bad. I have no complaints with them, even when they target me for not being the professional I should be.”

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“The fans have shown how angry they are with me. I respect the fans a great deal. I have apologised to my team-mates and to the club, and now I don’t think it’s necessary to keep going over it,” the 27-year-old added.

“Now we have to look to the future. I made a mistake but I can’t keep dealing with what’s in the past; I promise that it won’t happen again.



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