CAN Slams Abduction Of Christian Girls To The North For Marriage

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Ese Oruru is pregnant

CAN slams abduction of Christian girls – The Christian Association of Nigeria has slammed the recently-publicized practice of girl child abduction to the North for marriage.

CAN slams abduction of Christian girls
CAN slams abduction of Christian girls

The issue became publicized following the travails of Ese Oruru, a 14-year old girl who was kidnapped from her home in Bayelsa and married off in Kano.

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Speaking to The Punch, CAN General Secretary Musa Asake described the situation as “unfortunate” and the act as “stealing.”

He said: “It is an unfortunate situation. This has been going on in the North. In fact, our Christian girls are abducted but nothing is done about it. It is so sad that while we are praying to live in peace, another side is not showing a sign of peace. I don’t know where it is in the religion that teaches that they can take someone’s daughter, convert her from Christianity to Islam and marry her (off).”

“If that is religion, then it is very unfortunate. I also want to make it very clear: If it were Christians doing this to Muslim girls, Nigerians would have been burnt to ashes. So, to me, it is a total disrespect and a complete disobedience of the law of the land and the law of God. To me, it is stealing; I don’t know why you are calling it abduction. It is stealing and the government should wake up and do something.”

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He continued: “There is nobody who has the right to take somebody’s daughter and even have the right to give her (away) in marriage. We had a similar experience in Minna (Niger State) and the matter was reported even up to the Presidency. The governor refused to cooperate. They took that girl, changed her name and married her (off). It is not good. That is what some of these Muslims are doing to us.”

“The media should investigate and bring these ones out and the government should come out with a law. This one (Ese) is so fortunate. The one I am talking about is a pastor’s daughter. They married her off and up till today, the government is doing nothing. We met with the deputy governor; his words were arrogant. We are running out of patience. If we want to live in peace in Nigeria, then some of these Muslims have to behave. I don’t see why those practicing a religion will be stealing people’s children and they are doing it with impunity. It is unfortunate.”




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