Caitlyn Jenner’s Just A “Fame Wh**e” Who Used The Transgender Community For Fame – Advocates Speak Out

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Caitlyn Jenner’s “not a woman…  I showed so much support towards Caitlyn now I’m disgusted by her”.

Caitlyn Jenner’s not a woman as she has never been through any natural experience as a woman besides the glam part of it. Everything about her transition was for fame. – Those are just a few of the words that spew out of the hearts of many.

Caitlyn’s present political support of Hillary Clinton has dawned on members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community that it’s possible they were just a pawn in the great scheme of Bruce/Caitlyn book of life.

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Clinton had no idea who brought about HIV/AIDS awareness which got to the world. It was a gay group, and she gave the credit to the Reagans who infamously refused to do anything about the disease, while it was ravaging the country, because. they felt it was an illness strictly for “gay people”.

Hillary Clinton merely supports the LGBT groups because of votes and seeing as she’s the best-worst choice compared to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz the LGBT gave their support which they are now withdrawing.

LGBT advocates insist if Caitlyn can support someone who knows nothing of their cause then, she, Caityln doesn’t know as much as she has made them believe.

She made the money and the timing was perfect, all she had to do was choose.

The 66 year-old could have just lived out the rest of her life as a man but nah, she had to come out.

Cait knew the fame she would get. What she couldn’t envision was the firm rebuttal she would face. It was 2015, right. An advanced age, or “so they said”. 

Adjowa Fuji Deva – She is not a woman in the sense that she never went through the hardship women go through.

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Petey Plastic Petey Plastic – The only reason why you even met with her is because your show ratings have dropped to ridiculously low ratings because of your stance. You are nothing more than a fame whore. Unfortunately I rooted for you for so long only to be disappointed that you are just like the rest of your family. Like ·  3,176
  • imnayellise – Hopefully Trump will illegalize gay marriage❤
Linda McKinney Linda McKinney – Let’s just call it for what it is. This show is not about supporting the transgender community as Jenner would have us believe. To do so, would require supporting candidates that vote for equality. Jenner is in complete denial about the Republican’s war on women and equality. It is more like the transgender version of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 

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Her sudden shift in support from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton has caused LGBT advocates to reject her.

  •  Efrain Casarreal – The truth is the LGBT community stood by her when so many others mocked her. But now all that has changed. Sorry, but this person is not one of “us”.
  • kkrmz87 – People are so worried about being accepted on this earth,why not worry about being accepted in heaven? 
  • Edgar Cachu – I showed so much support towards Caitlyn, even had some disagreements with people over it. Now I am disgusted by her mentality. She’s such an arrogant asshole.
  •  Molly McNeilly – Hopefully though she doesn’t expect to be famous for her beauty cuz she’s not in their league. 
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The 66 year-old said she can take on the world no matter what anyone says.
  • Neil James – Her rating are poor because she is boring. She was boring when she was Bruce Jenner- and changing genders, plus being almost 70 years old doesn’t change that.
  •  Trinity Sun – We do not care about her political stupid opinion: she should remain to her surgeries and shut up! Morons run into the family.
  • Larry Jakeways – Narcissistic people will do anything for attention. The world sees Americans as stupid, pathetic, lazy, and now Men want to be Women. We are the joke of the world and Hollywood has become a joke. What decent moral minded human being would ever want to be apart of this decadent industry is beyond me. 
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