Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Date Men: Reality TV Star “Open” To Relationships

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Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner wants to date men – Reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner has revealed she wouldn’t mind dating a man, though it’d have to be a real special man.

Caitlyn Jenner wants to date men
Caitlyn Jenner wants to date men

Caitlyn Jenner, who previously Bruce Jenner until she had a sex change operation, had previously stated that she had no interest in dating women.

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“I’ve been there. Done that. I’ve got three ex-wives,” Jenner said in a recently released trailer for the second season of her docuseries, I Am Cait.

And in a recently released sneak peek into season 2’s premiere, Jenner added that she’d like for someone to take care of her.

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“To be honest, if I was in a relationship with a guy, I would enjoy being treated like that,” Jenner said. “Opening doors for you, doing all what you would think is the traditional stuff in a guy and a girl relationship.”

“It would have to be a very special guy to be able to do that, but yeah, I would be open to that,” she added.




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