Beyonce’s Cousin Is Major Eye Candy

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Beyonce's cousin

Beyonce’s cousin is a bootylicious new star

Beyonce’s cousin Kristin Douglas is sexy and she knows it.

The mother of two who shot to fame a week ago after posting a snap with her sister. However, the “Formation” singer is not Beyonce’s cousin; rather, she’s a god-daughter to Bey’s late maternal-uncle, Uncle Skip.

Celebrating the life of Uncle Skip! #ripuncleskip

A photo posted by Kristin Douglas (@simplykristinmd) on

Kristin (wearing blue) caught up with Beyonce at Uncle Skip’s burial and the photograph which featured her lofty behind, got many speculating she was related to Mrs Carter.

The “guess the mom” sensation who looks as young as her 17 year-old daughter confirmed to the press on her relationship with Queen Bey as “not blood-related”.

360nobs - guess the mom 8

Beyonce’s ‘cousin’ was all smiles while featuring on TMZ Live, Wednesday.

The new star said she “had no idea her sister Kelsi Leggett (on Beyonce’s left) posted the pic on Instagram”.

Kelsi assertedly stated she had to block her sister Kristin from viewing the pic on Instagram at first because she (Kelsi) knew Kristin didn’t like it.

Kristin shared the photo later which moved her from a shadow of less than 5K followers to over 100K and counting.

The sexy momma also said she has “rappers calling on her” for video shoots already.

They definitely want some Bey magic; even if it’s from just a “lucky big-butt” fan.

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Kristin added her “booking info” in her bio few days later and the comments were shades of love and spite :

  • king1991_ – She’s chubby as fuck anyway. Her ass probably smells like McDonalds. Niggas are grimy man.
  • sweetchocolate731 – Wouldn’t be any room for the young lady if Beyonce had turned to the side too!
  • 60lbjourney – Booking inquiries, funny you go girl. The only thing these people will build you up to tear you down. You are beautiful but don’t have a bad day.
  • laskoaa – booking info oh Lord
  • musicmaniac86 – I don’t remember seeing it up there before either. But hey let her ride the 15 minutes of fame lol. She’s a pretty woman but like most things she will probably be forgotten within a few months.

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