Well-Constructed: Ayo Van Elmar’s ‘F I S H B O N E’ Collection (Lookbook)

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Ayo Van Elmar’s spring summer 2016 collection F I S H B O N E was inspired by a late lunch that had the most interesting constructions the creative director had ever seen in a meal.

Quadrilateral and three dimensional bones, Ayo Elizabeth was indeed overwhelmed by that awesome creature, the diameter of the fish’s bone, the intensity and the strength in its structure.

The FISHBONE collection is translated into vibrant prints, added volumes, lace and sheer denoting the awesomeness of spring summer.

We the love the use of color, the curves and the distinct prints in this collection. Enjoy the full lookbook below.

lookbook_ayovanelmar_001_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_002_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_003_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_004_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_005_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_006_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_007_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_008_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_009_360nobs

lookbook_ayovanelmar_010_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_011_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_012_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_013_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_014_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_015_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_016_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_017_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_018_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_019_360nobs
lookbook_ayovanelmar_020_360nobs lookbook_ayovanelmar_021_360nobsWatch the Fashion Video here



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