Ayo Fayose Claims No Chibok Girls Are Missing

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Ayo Fayose claims no Chibok girls are missing – The governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, has insisted that the Chibok kidnappings were nothing more than a ruse and a political strategy.

Ayo Fayose claims no Chibok girls are missing
Ayo Fayose claims no Chibok girls are missing

Fayose was speaking at a workshop on “Political Aspirants Capacity Enhancement,” and claimed that no girls were kidnapped from any school.

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He said: “Today, many opposition leaders are underground. I don’t think any of these girls is missing; it is a political strategy. Who is fooling who? If you wanted to use it to remove some people, you have succeeded already.

“I don’t know if there are missing girls but no indication has shown that. It is a political strategy, because I don’t think any girl is missing. If they are missing, let them find them.”

He also criticized the Bring Back Our Girls campaigners and other human rights groups, saying they were all in it for their own personal gains.

“I’m concerned about the activities of human rights groups. Today the government of the day is obeying court order of their choice, while human rights are not respected,” he said.

“We must talk about government providing cover for criminals. You are now using that person to harass innocent person. You will never have peace when you hide justice.”

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He added: “Police came into town yesterday (Tuesday) to arrest political opponents. If you like, demonise me, I will demonise you. I don’t need the police and the SSS (Department of State Services) to walk in my state. It is when you are not popular that you walk with police.

“Any government that rises against me, that government will come down. I’m Peter the rock. By engaging me, you make me more popular and relevant and then court sympathy. I’m one person that is going places. That is why all these challenges are against me.”



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