Aso-Ebi Drama: Bride Sued For N90,000 Debt

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Intending brides should take a note or two from Kehinde Anifowose’s story as it’s a good example of cut your coat according to the piece of cloth available for you rather than cutting according to your size.

Kehinde who is a housewife incurred a ninety-thousand-four-hundred naira (N90,400) debt buying aso-ebi on credit for her wedding.

She had a low budget but still took the risk and bought the materials in debt (on credit).

The aso-ebi material seller, Dele Omotoyinbo alleged that in September 2015, prior to her wedding, Kehinde had received a supply of materials estimated at the above stated value.

Kehinde refused to pay until she was taken to court by Omotoyinbo, Vanguard reports.

The case had previously been deliberated in court and on February 2015, Kehinde signed an undertaking promising to pay Omotoyinbo the debts in installments.

The bride made an initial deposit of thirty-thousand naira (N30,000) and never made another after that.

During its second hearing, Kehinde Anifowose did not attend the proceedings in person rather, her father Mr Joseph Anifowose stated ‘illness’ as the reason for his daughter’s absence from court.

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He added that Kehinde had not been able to raise the entire thirty-thousand naira she ought to pay as promised in February but had saved up the sum of twenty-one-thousand-naira (N21,000).

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Mr Joseph begged the court for an extension of time to enable the new-bride raise the money as he would also back her up financially to aid in settling her debt.

The cloth-trader, Omotoyinbo deplored her present predicament stating that ‘the debt owed her was having a negative effect on her business’.

Mrs Yemisi Ojo who was the presiding officer adjourned the case to April 4 after stating unequivocally that Kehinde and/or her father must ensure the debt is settled in totality by the end of April or Kehinde Anifowose will face other charges.

Meanwhile, where is the husband she had to ‘borrow money to purchase ankara to wed and why can’t he assist with the bill rather than burden her dear old father?

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