Apostle Johnson Insists That Governor El Rufai Will ‘Die!’

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Few weeks after declaring that Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El Rufai will die, Apostle Johnson Suleiman stands his by word and even elaborates.

Apostle John made the declaration because of a Religious Regulation Bill the Kaduna State Governor is pushing in his State. The Edo state based pastor and the Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM), while preaching in his church yesterday March 27th, again reigned curses on El Rufai, saying he will die for daring to anger Christians.

“I am not just running my mouth. In the 1999 constitution, Chapter 4, under the fundamental human rights, section 38th says that everyone has a freedom of thought, conscience and opinion and it says they are very free to exercise their religion either in a community, in public or or in private.

Public means put your speakers anywhere. So the man is not just going against the scripture. He is going against the nation. He is going against the constitution and he says because he did it in Abuja, nothing happened. He entered a christian community in Kaduna and he says he will destroy life. He will die!” he said.

He described El Rufai as the Herod of Kano, an imbecile and a barbarian whose mouth is bigger than his body

“The Herod of Kaduna. Your days are numbered. Churches marked for destruction by an imbecile. A barbarian. A man whose mouth is bigger than is body. He wants to rubbish Christianity and everybody is saying we should take it easy. To hell with everyone. If you hate the church I hate you If you stand against the church I fight you. The Herod of Kaduna, your days are numbered,” he said



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