How Airtel is Driving Brand Love with Consumer Rewards

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How Airtel is Driving Brand Love with Consumer Rewards

It felt like a dream for many of the winners who were in the expansive hall of the premium Chinese restaurant in Ikeja, Lagos, that Friday morning. Every winner was with, at least, three loved ones – family and friends – eagerly awaiting their grand prizes, all-expense paid trip to Dubai, commercial capital of the United Arab Emirate (UAE), in line with the reward for winners in the just concluded season 3 of the Airtel Redhot Promo.

Even though they had their bags and luggage packed, many were still hesitant, a bit unsure of their winnings. But after a brief event at the Ikeja venue, the winners were transported to the Airport to board an Emirate Flight to Dubai. Aboard the plane, it was a different feeling – a feeling of a dream coming to fruition. Their faces lit up, big smiles playing on the lips of all the winners as they shared hearty jokes ahead of the all-expense paid experience in Dubai. But that was just the beginning of great moments. The eight hours flight felt shorter as excitement amongst the Airtel winners hit feverish pitch.


Needless to say, Dubai is a beautiful city and the winners were enthralled by a city that shone brightly and dazzled in absolute beauty and glamour on a Friday (February 26th) night. The winners were welcomed by extremely courteous and professional Emirate staff who took them to their five star Hotel rooms in the centre of an amazing city. From that point, it was a celebration galore and many breathtaking moments for the Airtel winners and their friends and family members.

On the first day, the winners were taken on a tour of Dubai, visiting many great places including the Burj Khalifa as well as spending quality time at the Jumeira Beach. It was fun at the seashore as winners played games and engaged in other exciting activities. Later in the evening, the Nigerian contingent was aboard a boat for a cruise. It was no ordinary boat cruise as winners were entertained by different local entertainment groups just as the cruise experience quickly transformed to a night club party, featuring Nigerian hit songs.

For those winners who thought that the trip was limited to Dubai alone got the shock of their lives when the amiable Indian tour guide informed the winners that they will be visiting the Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi. The Ferrari World lived up to its billings as winners enjoyed breathtaking ride in the world’s largest rollercoaster. They also visited the World’s largest and most expensive Mosque, which is still under construction in Abu Dhabi. On the way back, the winners made a stop at the popular Nigerian restaurant dubbed Kiza for a soiree.

The following day, winners visited several notable malls on a shopping spree. Later in the day, they hit the Desert for a bumpy SUV ride, reminiscent of the rollercoaster ride at the Ferrari world. The evening was capped with an amazing camp night at the desert. Different entertainment groups held the guests spellbound as they performed.


Speaking on the Dubai trip, one of the winners, Sadiq Hakeem Adegbenga, Insurance Marketer with IGI said: “My experience has been very sweet, very lovely, nice one, I enjoyed it. It is just as if they should say we should stay and live here for at least two years. Where I went to yesterday, the Ferari World was just amazing. However, The Kiza Nigerian restaurant stood out as my best experience. Kiza was awesome. The boat cruise too was also great, very entertaining.”

For another winner, Mamiyo Abisu, a barber in Bauchi, “I have experienced many things here in Dubai. If not because of Airtel, I wouldn’t have been here. I have seen many things and I have observed many things. I thank Airtel. I enjoyed the Ferari World, it was amazing. The rollercoaster ride stood out as one of my best experiences in Dubai.”

James Jondi, Politician, who accompanied his friend, Abisu on the trip, said: “I had a lot of amazing experiences. The visit to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is just too much for me. I had a very nice experience, which I will never forget in my life. Also, the tour to the Ferrari world was nice and fantastic, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the rollercoaster ride. In fact, I enjoyed all the rides. In fact, to me, Airtel is the best line so far. I want to tell Airtel to keep this programme. When I get back, I and my family, our best line must be Airtel. I will help Airtel to advertise their programmes.”

Nsikan Emmanuel Ette, 100 level Economics Student of Akwa Ibom State University, who accompanied his mum on the trip said: “it is very exciting and fun-filled. The Ferrari world is my best moment so far. I enjoyed the rollercoaster ride. Dubai is a nice city and a nice place to be. Airtel is a nice network with good quality.”

Also recounting the Dubai experience, Danjuma Gwarzo, a Businessman in Bauchi, said: “I feel better because there is no problem and the trip is just simply amazing. I enjoyed Dubai very well. It is very comfortable. I enjoyed the Ferrari world. I will say thanks to Airtel and Airtel is the best line in Nigeria.”

“The Dubai trip is pure fun – everything has been fun. The Ferrari world is the most outstanding. The night cruise was fun. Airtel is the best. They should keep it up,” said Prince Lucky Edobor, a Civil Servant, Ministry of Sports.

Another winner, Sadiq Fatai, Businessman in Oshodi, said: “I just got a call from Airtel. When they called me I was surprised and very happy. I chose my family to come with me. My experience in Dubai has been great. I have been to Ferrari World and I love the Burj Khalifa experience. I enjoyed the Ferrari World the most, it was so exciting. Airtel should keep on encouraging their customers.”


For Peter Obande, Entertainment Marketer in Kaduna, “Dubai is like a world of its own. They import everything. They don’t produce. God has blessed the people here. The Ferrari world has been most exciting. I see it as an adventure because of the games and the African restaurant we visited.  Airtel is doing a great job. This is my first time of travelling outside the country and it was through Airtel. I must say, Airtel, thumbs up!”

Uchenna Emmanuel Ukpabi, Painter in Anambra State said of his experience in Dubai, “it has been wonderful. I am very happy being here. All I have to say is glory be to God for this opportunity. I have enjoyed Ferrari World the most, it is a beautiful place. I want to say God will bless Airtel all the time in Jesus name.”

Another winner, Noel Ukuje, Account Officer with Mowatek Nig. Ltd. in Lagos, said, “the trip has been very exciting and educating. It is an eye opener. My wife, my son and my spiritual father accompanied me on this trip. My most interesting experience is the development in Dubai in terms of infrastructure; it is, indeed, something to talk about.

For Veronica Emmanuel Ette, Teacher with St Michael’s School in Akwa Ibom, the trip was just amazing for her and her family members. Someone called me from Airtel office to say I have won. I brought my three sons. Well, I enjoyed the trip, I enjoyed the food and I enjoyed visiting all the great places we went to. I like the Ferari World. I thank Airtel for they have done for me and my family.”




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