African-American Teenager Begs To Be Adopted By An ‘LGBT Family’

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15 Year Old Teenager Seeks An Adopted Family More Sensitive Than His

This teenager, Jaylon, 15, featured in an online adoption-ad where he pleaded for adoptive parents who are ‘sensitive to the needs and issues faced by gay youth’.

Jayson resides in California with his foster parents and recently shot to fame with his ad. So far it seems optimistic as his profile has already been reviewed a number of times and ‘an amazing amount of people’ have already made inquiry about him.

Jaylon’s profile on the Heart Gallery of Los Angeles details his love for history and airplanes:

Jaylon (2000) is a bright and active youth whose favorite subjects are English and History. Knowing this, it was no surprise that Jaylon enjoyed joining us for a visit to Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum in Compton, California where he learned about the Tuskegee Airmen who fought in World War II as well as some local teens who more recently set records for the youngest African-American pilots of international and cross-country flights.

In addition to history, Jaylon’s other interests include dancing, bike riding, skateboarding, and reading comic books. Jaylon was also jazzed to get a chance to hop into an aircraft and start it up, but saw the importance of first learning some basic rules in a flight simulator under the guidance of one of the young mentors.

Jaylon is friendly and gets along well with peers and adults, and for his lesson on aircraft control having a mentor and Chief Pilot guiding him was fitting.

For his journey through life, though, Jaylon needs to be part of a permanent family whose members are there for one another through the ups and the downs.

Jaylon would like to be adopted by a same-sex couple or other LGBT-headed family or at least a family sensitive the needs and issues faced by LGBT youth.

It is also important to Jaylon to be supported in maintaining a relationship with his sister.

360nobs - teenager begs to be adopted by an 'LGBT' FAMILY

Spokesperson for the Heart Gallery L.A, Stephanie Clancy said : ‘We’ve had no negative responses, they’ve all been positive. We’ve had a lot of families inquiries for him, an amazing amount of people’.

Though she gave no legal reason why Jaylon would be searching for LGBT parents.

When asked why Jaylon was featured on the site, Stephanie explained that ”it’s because he is a teenager and therefore less likely to be adopted, but he cannot return to his birth parents and needs a new family that will support him”.

She said : ‘Lots of kids in the Heart Gallery have been in foster care most of their life. They’re considered harder to place, due to their age, ethnicity, and special needs. He just turned 15, so he’s definitely considered an older child, which is why he’s in there.’

Legal reason why he would be searching for LGBT parents, duhh, he’s gay. He needs a fam that will accept him and his sexuality while protecting him from outsiders and their hurtful words.

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