Abby’s Diary #17 By Fiksionist

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Dear Diary,

Jumoke’s wedding plans wasn’t the regular thing; she wanted fresh flowers, top class chefs with assorted intercontinental dishes on the menus and a guest list of the crème de la crème in Lagos. It was not her fault, her husband was from a royal family and I later learnt that he was a Lagos big boy before he left the country. I just met him once and that was enough, believe me. The guy’s pride wore shoulder pads, tied iro and buba and even shook hands with Obama. I couldn’t stand him but one thing was for sure- my cousin was his mumu button and this one was no jazz matter. You know, that thing when you love someone and then when you see that person your feet feels light and you are almost floating with shiny eyes? It was that lovestruck thing they shared and I wouldn’t lie, I wished I had that effect on Jake. Atleast a little.

It is not like I am complaining though because my new life kept me dazed most of the time. From spa appointments to driving lessons and settling into my new apartment, I felt like I was watching someone else live the life I was living. It felt good and at the same time…a little empty. Ogama was not there and Jake was away. I wished there was someone to share it all with.

I decided to visit Ogama and also pick up a few things I had forgotten there. On my arrival, Mr. Toyota Corolla was there with his friend, Julius. I hadn’t seen him since the night I got the gifts from Jake. Dear Diary, I need to confess: this guy is fine for days! I didn’t want to say anything so that you wouldn’t get any ideas but there is just something about the way he looks at you that makes you want to keep looking at him. His own type of ‘fineness’ wasn’t the Craig David type but George Clooney type. You know, when fineness shares a room with hotness? Yeah, that is exactly what I mean. But that was basically the only thing I noticed because besides that, I couldn’t still get over our first encounter, plus, I have a man.

“Look who we have here! Abigail welcome ooooo!” Julius shouted.

Ogama came out of the kitchen and gave me her famous bear hug. We both settled into the couch while Mr. Toyota Corolla concentrated on the ass-shaking music video like I was invisible.

“Babes where is the food nau?” Ogama asked with furrowed brows.

“It is in the car. Take the key abeg.” I dumped the key on her laps.

She hurriedly excused herself to get the flasks and Julius got up too. I was left with Mr. Toyota Corolla. “Hi.” I said.

“Hi. Heard you moved out?”




“Heard your cousin is getting married?”

“You have heard a lot of things Oga.” I asked turning to face him and he did same. He was smiling and I could almost feel him touch me without touching me through his stare. It made me feel very uncomfortable so I looked away. Oagma and Julius returned with the flasks and we all ate together, gisting, laughing and arguing about the videos on tv and how meaningless some lyrics sounded. A few times, I caught Mr. Toyota Corolla stare at me and then look away. Did I tell you his laughter was very loud and the way he said my name sounded different? I don’t like it when people unnerve me and this guy sure had a way of giving me the creeps.

After our meal, I went into my room and tried to pick a few things. I heard a soft knock and when I opened it, it was Mr. Toyota Corolla leaning on my door frame. He smiled. I frowned.

“Yeah?” I said.

“Can I come in?” he asked

“ Yeah” I opened the door wider and he walked into my almost empty room.

“He is a very lucky guy.”


“ You know, your boyfriend. The one you moved out for.”

What????? My ears rang loudly! Did Ogama open her mouth to tell this stranger that I was moving out for a guy? “Excuse me?” I could hear the lid over my anger vibrate.

“You know what I mean. You are-“

“Are you crazy or high on sugar? How dare you stand there and ask me insane questions about my life?What has that got to do with you?”

“You don’t have to be upset. I just-“

“Get out!” I said, trying to keep the trembling lid over my anger.

Ogama and Julius rushed in. “Is everything okay?” Ogama asked.

“Not exactly! Not after you had dished out to this stranger that I was moving out because of Jake and who knows what else you told him Ogama!”

I was so pissed at her and couldn’t stand the fact that she could say nothing to prove me wrong. How do you just spill details about someone else with no filter? I took my bag and left them. They all tried to apologise but I was in no mood for that.

I got home, had a warm shower and called Jake. His phone lines were all turned off. It had been that way for 3 days now and the annoying part is that he could call me but anytime I tried to call, his numbers were either unreachable or turned off. I felt frustrated. I ate ice-cream to ward of the anger and while I dozed off in the middle of watching Focus (Yes, I just watched it, please don’t judge me *in Chris Brown’s voice*), I heard a knock on my door. I looked at the Winnie The Pooh wall clock and it was 7:00pm. I thought it was Jake so I immediately hid the ice-cream bowl because he complained that I had added a little weight the last time I saw him. Smiling, I opened the front door but it wasn’t Jake. It was the face of a woman smiling but the smile didn’t touch her eyes.

“Hello. How may I help you?” I asked.

Her smile grew broader and revealed her perfect white dentition but the smile looked as plastic as the fake looking boobs I saw peeping out of her low neck cut blouse. “Hi. You must be Abigail. I am Aura, Aura Sowemimo and it is a pleasure to meet you finally.”

No…this must be a joke. Did she just say Sowemimo?



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  1. OMG! i just decided to visit 360nobs today as i was an ardent reader few years ago and now I am back and was looking for stories to catch up on. Seems like a lot has changed on here and too much to read (the thing confuse person). So here am I on your page for about 3 hours now on this series and I just had to comment.

    Your style of writing is Epic!! Good job!

    Don’t mind the Ghost readers who don’t comment sometimes we are so captivated with the story and I am like “Next!” so no time to comment *grins* (talking for myself)

    Anyways I hardly do this but I just had to drop this. This is just like a movie and is definitely keeping me going

    Please keep up what you are doing and do not let anyone put you down

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