9 Weird Sexual Fetishes You May Not Know You Enjoy

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Sexual fetishes are often discussed in hushed tones for a number of reasons ranging from cultural to religious.

This however doesn’t mean a lot of people do not enjoy or indulge in them. There are a lot of sexual fetishes that appear strange but may not be so in reality. If you have the feeling that you have a fetish that is too weird to reveal to your friends, there’s no reason you to worry. Truth is there are a lot of people out there that share them with you.

Here’s a list of 7 seemingly weird sexual fetishes which seem strange but people enjoy in reality.

A lot of people are unconsciously into this fetish but they find it difficult to admit it. Voyeurism basically describes people that get sexually aroused by looking at the naked bodies of other people having sex. This is an unconscious fetish that people have simply because there wouldn’t be so much demand for pornography if people didn’t have small traits of this fetish in them.

Underwear Fetishism
Underwear Fetishism is characterised by observing, handling or focusing on an array of underwears ranging from pants, bras, pantyhose and certain types of fabrics invluding lace and leather. If you notice your partner staring at you intensely while you wear or take off your underwear, they may be displaying a harmless fetish of theirs.

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This one describes you if you’re the type that enjoys pain during intercourse. This is also a fairly common fetish that may range from harsh biting, whipping, biting and candle wax. Sadism is basically about enjoying pain and inflicting pain on your partner for the purpose of gaining sexual pleasure.

Pygophilia describes people that have an immense sexual love for buttocks. This fetish is ideally not weird since quite a number of people in Nigeria have this salient fetish in them. This fact can be buttressed with the love men have for the butts of music stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Not weird is it?

Funny sounding name right? Anililagnia is perhaps the most common fetish there is. It simply means an attraction to older women. There are a lot of men out there who find women that are older than them immensely attractive. If you’re a man and your thing is older women, your fetish is probably anililagnia.

This is otherwise known as shoe fetishism and has been portrayed time and again in movies and television. People with this fetish are commonly attracted to women in high heeled shoes while they may also have a love for certain features of the leg such as open toes in shoes.

Podophilia is a type of sexual fetish that refers to a sexual love for the foot. If differs from retifism in that there’s a marked interest by the individual in licking and smelling of the foot during sexual interaction, and a love for foot treatment and good aesthetic appearance of the toes and feet.

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A person with trichophilia is sexually aroused by hair. More specifically, they gain arousal by looking or touching hair on the head, chest and hair on other parts of the body. This sexual fetish transcends men and women with men mostly enjoying the long silky hair on a woman and women in reverse enjoying the stubble of a man’s brow or hair on his chest.

This one is a sexual likeness for piercings and tattoos all over the body. People with this fetish are usually sexually drawn to people with body paintings and decorations especially in seemingly private places. If you enjoy stigmatophilia, you have yourself in good company with a lot of people in the world.



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