8 Types Of Exes You Will Likely Have In Your Lifetime

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8 Types Of Exes You Will Likely Have

The Flirt
If you’ve felt a moment of thought before dating someone that said “This is a bad idea”, but you went ahead to date them, that’s the moment you agreed to rumble with someone that wants much more than one person. It could be they kept flirting with other people, kept in contact with their exes or cheated on you. Whatever they did was likely your fault because you agreed to go into a relationship with them. You may have gone in with the idea of turning them around but you learnt the hard way that old habits die hard.

The “Not Right Now”
This person appears to be the perfect person for you. They do all the right things from making you laugh, making you cry, to you wanting to spend the rest of your life with them. It however doesn’t seem to work out maybe because the two of you grew apart or you’re not willing to accept what they can offer at the moment. It may take a while but at the end of the day, it just doesn’t work out.

The Baggage Carrier
This ex is the one that carried over a lot of their issues from their past relationships. This doesn’t allow them appreciate you for who you are which prevents you from shining like the star you are because they allow the past cast a shadow over your relationship. No matter the joy or happiness you strive to bring into their lives, the shadows of their past relationships tend to cancel them out.

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The Artist
Sex with this one is always awesome because there’s something that appeals to you about the tortuous facade they bring up. These people are usually very knowledgeable when it comes to music, poetry and the arts which makes you learn a lot from their wild and creative minds. These things are important but sex only does not make a successful relationship.

The allure of you being with them is that you both know that the relationship won’t last mostly because the two of you were in it for pleasure and self-exploration.

The Hippy
This ex is the type that identifies with the latest trends available from movies to fashion. They are also into vintage style fashion and music. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in loving someone with a vintage taste in music, art and fashion but the problem with this is that you’d likely have felt like an Indian movie star where you have to stick to a convoluted plot. This was perhaps the reason why you opted out in order to avoid being sucked into a void.

The One That Wants All Things perfect
This one is obsessed with making everything they touch perfect, from their work, home, dressing and every other thing in between. From the beginning, they seem very ideal and chances are you will learn a lot from them. It will however come to an end because despite the fact that you adore the fact that they want everything done right, it later starts to become overbearing because you might want to mess things up on purpose.
The awkward mess you leave will become a cause for concern which will result in you getting an earful. You’d likely get tired of not being good enough in time.

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The Internet Date
In as much as there is still a lot of scepticism regarding internet dating, you probably fell for someone online. The relationship was good for a while but as time went by, the two of you realised that your commitment was only due to the fact that you both were the most decent among the list of contacts you had on social media.

They seemed perfect on the internet but in the real world, their flaws seem noticeable. Unfortunately, you could not bring your relationship in the virtual world to reality and as such, you decide to quit and pray that providence never makes you run into them on any other platform.

The Shy And Quiet Type
It is in rare occasions that two shy and quiet people hit it off, but it does happen. The introvert and extrovert combination is more common because they will usually balance each other out. However, there’s that quiet ex you probably have on your list that ended up being an ex because you got tired of trying to drag them out of their shell.

If both of you were shy however, chances are you got tired of boring conversations and awkward, quiet moments including the boring and depressing sex.



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