7 Ways To Get The Attention Of Your Internet Crush

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Having an internet crush and flirting online are things a lot of people do but fail to get right.

This is so because they allow their crush overcome the way they feel which usually leads to them making some unforgivable mistakes while seeking their attention. We have a solution to that and you sure can get your crush swooning over you in no time by following these 7 tips.

Be Updated On Their Movies And Music
Learn the kind of music and movies your crush loves and update your knowledge on them. A Google search should be sufficient in finding out the latest news regarding your crush’s interests which can go a long way in catching their attention. Check out what shows, movies and music your crush is into, and keep them updated. A simple Google search can help you find out the latest news about your crush’s interests. For example, if your crush likes a particular music artist, send them the latest music or news regarding the artist.

If it’s television shows your crush loves, try not to throw up spoilers as a lot of people are touchy regarding that. Throw up hints that tell them you picked interest in the show because of them.

Have Opposite Opinions
Having opposite opinions on issues with your crush can help to encourage more interesting conversations. For instance, you may enjoy afro hip hop songs while your crush may enjoy traditional African contemporary genres like fuji.

Point this fact out, and sensible arguments filled with facts about how younger music artistes ate better than contemporary singers. This will likely lead to interesting debates where you can agree to disagree or allow your crush win.

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Slow Down On The Likes
It can be quite creepy for your crush if you like everything they post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you must like their posts, like only a few smart posts so as to avoid setting their notifications on fire.

More so, liking too much of their pictures can make them think of you as a stalker as opposed to liking some selective pictures which can trigger interest in your crush. This can help to keep them guessing which helps you get what you want – their attention.

Leave Engaging Comments
By engaging, we mean you should leave comments that will trigger their interests. Comment on their photos and on the things they are doing. Your comments should trigger a reply from them that won’t just be a thank you in appreciation. Interacting with your crush is better in getting their attention than watching them from afar. You can try teasing them but be sure of what both of you want before taking things to the next stage.

Know Your Crush
Having an idea of what your crush was doing or wearing can go a long way in getting their attention. You can acknowledge their presence if you bump into them with a greeting or smile. Over the Internet is a different game as you can put what you learnt to good use. Simply tell them what they were doing or wearing the moment you saw them.

A simple compliment like “I liked your outfit today, who makes your native wears?” can go a long way. This statement sends a message across that you were paying attention to them more than they knew.

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Be Mysterious
If you get an online message from your crush, avoid the temptation of replying with a barrage of messages. Take your time and think of the best words to reply. This will make you look less eager. You should also consider answering some of the questions they ask vaguely. If they ask you what you will be up to, simply say you’d be going out without getting into specifics of the place. This will naturally trigger a chain reply where you can conveniently chip in that they would be welcome to join you.

Tag Your Pictures Together
There’s no reason to be shy if you’ve spent time with your crush. Tagging your pictures together is a way of letting your friends and their friends know that you’ve got something. It’s also a way of letting people know that you’re spending time together and it can serve as a subtle way of reminding everyone, yourself inclusive that you’re having fun with your crush.

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