7 Ways To Spot A Catfish Over The Internet

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Catfish has become the adopted internet slang that is used to refer to an online lover that is out to dupe you.

In broader terms, it could also mean someone that is claiming to be who they are not either regarding their gender or personal/public life. The moment you begin to think something is fishy regarding someone you met over the internet, you may just be embroiled with a Catfish.

So what does an internet Catfish do? How can you tell that you’re being deceived? And what are the measures to follow to find out if your online friend is actually lying to you?

Here are 7 Ways to know if you’re dealing with a Catfish.

Suspicious Jobs
Fake people on the Internet usually say they have jobs that are suspicious. They mostly claim to be photographers, artists, public relations manager, models and music producers. The thing to look out for is if they are in any way affiliated to a company that can be traced. If not, they most likely have a fake job like their fake lives.

Scrutinise The Details In Photographs
If you suspect someone you met over the Internet, pay attention to their photo gallery. You can check to see if they’ve being on social media platforms for years. If so, there should be a difference in their pictures as a result of aging.

Check also for friends in their photos and if they have their friends tagged. If their gallery only contains their pictures with no other person present, chances are they are either narcissistic or a Catfish.

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Search Their Name And Google E-mail
The easiest way to know more about someone you met over the internet is to search their names and e-mail address on Google or any other search engine. It will most likely bring out a full page or a page with no results. You can obtain their specific information by adding quotation marks around their names. This will ensure only their specific details come up.

Search Their Pictures On Google
Catfishes hardly use their own original photos on the Internet. They usually use the pictures obtained on Facebook, Instagram or other Internet sources as theirs. A Google image search can be done by dragging whatever picture you want to check into the Google Image Search box. Chances are if your internet friend is fake, their pictures will come up on different websites where the pictures were obtained from originally.

They Avoid Meeting Up
You and the suspected Catfish may live in the same state but have never met up. They give you ridiculous reasons as to why the two of you can’t meet up. It could be that they were hospitalised for a chronic disease or they just recently lost a loved one. In all, they bring up flimsy excuses to avoid meeting up so that you don’t discover the game they’re up to.

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Go Through Their Friends List
The number of friends catfishes have can go a long way in outing them. Most people you meet over the Internet have a delicate number of friends they have that don’t throw up red flags. An average number of friends may mean they are real but if the numbers are too low or way too high, they may be fake.

More so, go through their friends list and watch out for any unusual thing. Pay attention to how active they and their friends are on social media. Do they log in and post stuffs at the same time? Pay attention to any suspicious activity and you may likely catch them in the act.

Do They Ask For Gifts or Money?
People that Catfish usually end up to become scammers. When they start asking you for money to pay their rent or if they begin to pass subtle hints about wanting you to buy them an expensive gift, you have a Catfish and someone willing to use you to get what they want.
Lastly, if you get to discover that your friend is a Catfish. Try not to lose your cool. It could be they were only fooling around as a way of escaping the life they have. Most do it as a result of emotional issues and insecurities.



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