7 Ways To Remain Sane In A World Obsessed With Social Media

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The advent of social media has made the world a global village where information can be shared by the snap of a finger.

This however comes with problems of its own as it has made us less saner than we used to be. We have become obsessed with sharing pictures of our daily activities, selfies of our private parts and moments and information that should only be reserved for friends and family with people we barely know.

People tend to spend less time thinking or doing things that used to matter including literature, art and music with ‘deep’ lyrics. There is however no hope lost in regaining our sanity and injecting a bit of our lost culture into our lives. Check out these 7 Things that can help you stay sane and culturally aware in a world that social media has corrupted.

Visit The Museums
The museum is one place that can help you retain your sanity in this fast paced world of ours for several reasons. It exposes you to culture and history by helping you open your mind to what is in front of you.
The amazing thing about museums is that they charge a token fee of between 100 to 200 Naira which is much less than the cost of watching a movie at the cinemas. You can learn about the past and connect with the dots with why things are the way they are in the present.

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Visit An Art Gallery
To Remain Sane In an age that’s seems obsessed with the internet, you may want to appreciate the peace and tranquillity of art. You can visit an art gallery like Terrakulture, a photography exhibition or any cultural centre. More so, you can also choose to watch a stage play to connect more with your environment. These events give you more time to connect with people physically as opposed to doing so over the phone. Allowing art into your life can go a long way in opening your mind to new things and meeting people from a world a new and exciting world you know little about.

A famous writer once said “The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.” This is perhaps the best way to escape from the insanity of technology and social media. Travelling and meeting people is a good way of gaining knowledge as opposed to seeing the world through a television or computer screen. You can learn a lot of things through the internet but nothing beats going to those places in person and getting to hear, smell, taste and touch everything that comes along your way.

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Stop Putting Your Life On Social Media
Except you are a Kardashian or you take in millions from sharing your personal life on social media, you need to put a stop to this act to keep your sanity. It’s best you use social media as a tool for connecting with people, looking for jobs, keeping track of latest happenings and opportunities.

Try not to use social media as a medium of publicising yourself because the fact is nobody really cares what’s going on in your life. Once you’re strong enough to stop yourself from indulging in frivolities no one cares about, you will have more meaningful and effective discussions. What we are saying here is that you instead of pretending to have a life, get one and stay sane.

Reading should not be limited to newspapers and novels. It is important you keep your mind as open as possible. You may want to consider reading the biographies of people who have done wonderfully well in the past. A good source of this is Wikipedia. You can choose to download the application or log on to the Web whenever you have some time to spare. You can make use of the “Today” or “Random” tab if you don’t have any specific idea of what you want to read. This is one of the best ways to learn about different people and places around the world.

Make New Friends
Social media has mostly reduced meeting new people to the virtual world. Nothing however beats meeting someone physically that can help to push you to open your minds to new ideas. Perhaps you are culturally inept because of the social circle that you are moving in.

This is not to say you should let go of all your current friends or that you shouldn’t meet people over social media. It just points to the fact that there’s a need for you to expand your social circle to include people you can meet and interact with in the real world.


Play Good Music
You may want to consider playing music that has much in depth and stronger music that don’t have fast cars, alcohol and booty. Modern music seem to be lacking in poetic lyrics but there are still some artists that are quite clever with their songs. More so, some classic music genres with deep poetic lyrics still exist. These include Jazz, classical pieces and oldies which can provide succour from a crazy world.



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