7 Signs She’s A Sex Goddess

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Every sexually-active male and female on the planet has at one time or the other wondered if they are good at sex or not. The truth however is that being good at sex has a lot more to do with compatibility as most things with relationships are.

If you’re left wondering if a woman you’ve not had sex with will be good in the sack or if she’s going to be the type that will bring much more than the ‘missionary’ style to the bedroom, here are 7 sex styles that show she will be a sex goddess.

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She Puts Her Hand To Use A Lot
One thing that shows she’s super sexy and enjoys being with you is if she gets physical a lot with you. And by physical, we mean she can’t keep her hands off you. She likely wants you to revel in her sexuality and take a hint from the fact that she’s aroused which is why she can’t keep her hands to herself. Even though she may express herself through flirty text messages, nothing sends the message clearer than her constantly touching you.

She Clenches Her Hands And Feet
There’s hardly any other sign that shows she’s in an ecstatic mood than her clenching her fist during sex. It’s a sign she’s so into the sexual encounter that she doesn’t want it to come to an end abruptly. And of course, chances are what you’re doing to her is a little too good.

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The Sex Was Amazing For You
It takes two to tango and if she’s a sexual goddess, you’re probably a sex god too. Truth is if she hated the sex, you’d probably not enjoy it too. Sweet and passionate sex can be felt by both you and her.

She Wants To Do It All Over
If she’s keen on having sex with you over and over again, it shows they can’t get enough of you and they’re bringing so much fun to the table as they’re getting. The simple task of thinking about the sexual encounter they had with you is enough to get them aroused and if they’re ready to go yet another round with you, it’s a pointer you’re ‘hitting’ it right and she’s a sex goddess that can deliver as much as she’s getting.

She Remains Flirty After Sex
She’s in total control of her sexuality if she remains flirty after a good time in bed. A lot of people agree that they would flirt and send multiple flirty messages and signs after having bomb sex as a way of displaying their affections discretely. If she does this, she’s a sexual goddess that’s willing to build up sexual anticipation for the next time out.

She Tells You How Wonderful You Are
When she tells you how awesome her time your sexual activity was, she’s being truthful about how amazing you her. It’s best not to brush off her compliments but take them to heart. Only sex goddesses admit and want you to keep doing what you’re doing that gets them feeling on top of the world.

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She Has A Lot Of Tricks
Women are naturally competitive and she may go a long way in learning tricks that will make her stay ahead of the game. If she has the slightest sense that she’s not putting up an impressive performance in the sack, she’d feel the need to improve her skills. The moment she starts putting up new moves, best believe that she’s making effort to please you and if those moves don’t impress you, bring it to her notice subtly. In all, proper communication can help the both of you get the best out of each other.



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